Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Little Prayer

Thank You God

For being with me anytime anywhere, with no absence

For walking in front of me to lead my way

For staying beside me to keep me accompanied

For standing behind me to catch my falling

For smiling to me when I smile

For crying with me when I cry

Thank You Father

For giving up your everything so that I can get my everything

Thank You

For simply accepting me as me

For cherising me for me

For simply, loving me without any reason, at all

Thank you for simply everything that You have given me

And everything I have Lord, all my life is Yours..


  1. This is really comforting Olive. You're such a good person. Heaven's blessings on you dear.

    WOW. I also posted a prayer in my entry today.

  2. Aww,thanks gal, and so are u:) hope u're doing fine there..

    PS: just read ur latest prayer blog..and ya prayers are our source of strength during difficulties..keep praying:) Jesus bless u..

  3. God is amazing...He loves us not because we are lovable, He loves us because He is love itself =)

  4. how i love this picture and your prayer :) and jak's comment.

    hi from singapore. see you around.