Friday, September 25, 2009

My Little Sis........

is blogging now!!

After some 'encouragement' from me, she finally released her first post :) Her name is Evelyn, just graduated from uni, and jobless -okay, still looking for job-

She's still new in this thing, so might need time to learn, like all of us did. I really like her blog heading though.

I hope she will do some fashion blogging, outfit photos kinda thing, cause personally I think she has a good sense of style, and always pull out some nice look from what she has in her wardrobe (which only God knows how many)

So guys, you might want to check myshybaby out and give her some xoxo support ;)

xoxo to all of you too :) have a fun weekend!!


  1. Live, there's something wrong with the link. I cannot open it...

  2. oops,sorry. just got it fixed!

    Thanks dear :)

  3. tinggal copy paste link e tin..trs delete www ma blogspot nya..www. nya pake backspace, tapi yg belakangnya pake delete..

  4. Yey!! this is getting more exited!! Someday i will make a poster about "Viva Blogger" Campaign =) welcome to the blogging world shybaby =)