Friday, September 11, 2009

Can YOU keep a secret?

My turn :) Random things that I'd rather keep to myself, but here's I'm sharing them to you. Pls, keep it to yourself ;)

1. Once when I went to my friend's 'huge' 17th birthday party, i was asked to take part in one silly game which required me to go up and down the stage to pick and move stuffs. Not a good choice for a party where you were not equiped to run up and down some stairs. And here's the 'best' part, when I was about to went down, I somehow stumbled and fell off the stairs, luckily it was only 4 or 5 flights of stairs, but it was in front of hundreds of people, and it ain't just people guys, they're my highschool friends (my highschool crush was there too!!) . Imagine how embarassing was that!! And what made it worse, as I remembered I fell to a position which is not graceful, at all. Of course I acted cool, but it was damn embarassing. After that I swore I wouldn't do any more games.

2. During my 9-month stay in Singapore, I have purchased more or less 25 pairs of shoes (most probably more, I lost count) Is this normal?

3. And 15 bags....

4. When I was very small, until around 12 years old, I always cried whenever my dad took me to a lunch out or a dinner out at a non-aircon place. I seriously cried and refused to eat.

5. I have a serious phobia on lizard. I literally squeal only at the look of it. Something's really wrong with their smooth naked skin, and those tiny round fingers, and the buldging eyes.

6. I'm such a coward when it comes to horror movies. I had trouble sleeping for a week after watching "The Ring" the Japanese version.

7. Last Christmas I got a new Sony digi cam mailed over to me as a Christmas gift, and it was from one French guy I used to date. He said I once said that I wanted a camera of my own to take picture of things around me that I found interesting. I didn't even remember I said that, but he did. So it's true, French people ARE romantic.

8. Me and my boyfriend has a serious problem concerning music we listen.
I like Justin Timberlake. He thinks instead of singing, Justin only makes screeching and weird voices.
He likes Michael Jackson, but he likes the earlier songs like Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Beat It. No offense to Jacko fans, I do like his recent works, but his old songs like Beat It annoys me a lot.

9. I cry a lot during my stay in Singapore, until now. I keep on missing home and my family. But everytime they call me I always act strong. Once, my mom called me while I was crying. I pretended that I had a cough to cover my voice.

10. I slack a lot at work today, and mostly other Fridays. The TGIF feeling always overwhelms me.

Fiuh..Finally it's weekend!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend !


  1. I'm the first! =)So exited that everybody makes their own version...

    #1 Oh no oh no....this is more embarrassing than mine, lol i wish i was there Liv
    #3 is hilarious, the way u write that
    #6 Same here...say no to Horror Movie!!
    #8 Your boy friend is 100% right about Justin =D
    #10 What's TGIF, liv?

    ps: have a wonderful weekend too =)

  2. 2&3, Money/Success is nothing if you can enjoy it. Ha3. What does a few hundred (-or thousand) dollars mean, if you can be this happy? :p

    4, Really? I always prefer outdoor! Love the feel of the breezing thru my hairs :) But my ex was just like you. So we never ate dine in non air-con spots.

    6, I'm not afraid of ghosts at all, but I'm scared to death of burglars and robbers. They can hurt and kill you Live, ghost can't!

    7, I want my French guy!!!! Where do I find one? (There's a cute one at CCCL, I'm taking lessons there now...) Ha3. Could be a nice summer fling story :)

    Ooooh.... I really enjoy reading your post! Thanks! It's making my day.

  3. @Jak
    yeah, #1 is so embarassing, I still blush everytime i think of it.
    OMG, Justin is a very good singer Jak..and cute, of cos ;)
    TGIF is the short for Thank God It's Friday :)

    2&3 Finally, someone who really understand :)
    4. Now I do prefer outdoor Fe, I also love the breeze. And some of those non-aircon 'depot' do serve really delicious food.
    6. U're such a brave girl Fe, but really those ghosts' faces scare the hell out of me (I think I watch too much horror stuff)
    7. Cool, good luck with the cute French Fe ;)