Monday, September 7, 2009

My Fabulous Weekend

My mom and sis came to Singapore over the weekend to visit me *Yayy* My little sis (the one in red) just graduated from university, so this short trip is her graduation gift from me :)
Above pic was taken when we had dinner in P.S. cafe, which is a favourite for me and my boyfriend. I will post more of this dinner, including photos of the food ;)

These were taken on Friday, when we spent the day (one whole ddday) in Orchard to do some shop-till-you-seriously-drop session. We pampered ourselves and, splurged!! Well, what else can we do in Singapore? It is a pure place for food indulgence and shopping spree, so that's what we did. So at the end of that day, our hands were full of shiny shopping bags. Heaven.

Of course, we also did a lot of catching-ups. Sharing stories, jokes, latest 'local' gossips. Just like what we used to do, when I was still in Indonesia. It was such a blast. My boyfriend also joined us on Saturday. He has been such a sweet boyfriend I should say. He drove us anywhere we wanted, accompanied us patiently from store to store without a single complain (isn't that amazing?) and the best thing was he got along very well with my family. He loves spending time with my family, and my family also likes him a lot. I couldn't ask for more.

I love shopping with my mom and sis, but the problem is we always end up shopping too much. So, to avoid that, I decided to take them to a place where we cannot shop. Yeah, i took them to the Night Safari. This night safari is actually the first and the only night safari in the whole world. They call it Night Safari because, of course, it's opened at night, around 8 o'clock. It was kinda creepy but very exciting. I had my face a few centimetres away from one full-grown leopard's face, of course with a piece of glass between us, but hey, that was my closest encounter with the wild, and it was awesome. We were also spending a few minutes in a huge cage full of flying squirells. They looked cute, but if you have them soaring a few inches above your head, well that's what I call one hell of adventure. Cool ;)

All in all, our short trip was a great fun. We had such a fabulous time. And, the best part is that I am now fully recharged. I'm really looking forward to their next visit, hopefully next time will be my whole family.

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