Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I love weekend dinner session. A chance to eat fancy :) This time we pampered ourselves with good Japanese food after a long week eating hawker food. So, spending a bit more money feels worthy.

We went to this nice Jap resto in Riverview Hotel, called Irodori.

So here's some of the yummies we had (I didn't managed to take picture of all, cos I forgot to do it until we finished the food)

Enoki wrapped in slices of beef. The beef is tender and juicy. The sauce is a lil bit of sweet and salty. Savoury.

Soft-shell crab handroll. The crab is tenderly crispy, yumm..I love it..

Tempura. The prawns are huge, and juicy. And the dipping sauce is a very light sweet soysauce. One of the best tempura I ever had.

Beef Teriyaki. Nice, juicy beef, and the teriyaki sauce is just right.

I love this one. King prawn baked with cheesy cream on top. Heaven.

Mixed sashimi!! I'm a big fan of these raw things. I cannot name all the fish here, but we had salmon, tuna, swordfish, octopus, and squids. My personal favorites are (I can't choose only one) salmon and swordfish. They are so fresh, tender, and not too fishy. Dip it to the wasabi soysauce. Perfection.
We still had some cawan musi, udon, karage, tempura handroll, and Japanese fried rice. Sounds like a meal for 10, right? But no, this is what I like about this resto, they serve the food in small portion, so that you can order more varieties.
So yeah, we ordered quite a lot, but yet, we finished them all and had no regret. Fabulous dinner :)


  1. Oh NOOOO!!!! why do i see these images...already hungry now...desperately want to eat the tempure right now lol

  2. hahaha..err, sorry for that..supposed to be lunch time now right? go and grab something to eat, fast!