Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Away for Holiday :)

Hello darlingss,

This will probably be my last post of the year, since I'm going on a holiday from tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to blog from my hometown, but I won't hope too much with the whole list of things to do..But promise I'll be back as soon as I come back to Singapore with a report of my holiday in my hometown and Bali (woohoo!!)

I'm gonna miss each of you here :(

Btw, I'm gonna leave you guys with this outfit post :)

Han just gave me this long-sleeved tee. He bought it few months ago for himself. It's Gap, by the way. So, few days ago I accidentally found this abandoned tee inside his closet. When I asked him why he never wore this superbly comfy tee, he told me to check on its label.

And you know what I found??? Guess!! But I know you'll never guess it right, so I'll tell you.

The label says, GAP Maternity!!!!

HAHAHA, can you imagine the poor boy checking (and trying) on tees from the Maternity section without even realizing it?? Hahaha..

So, after laughing at him for several minutes, I asked whether I can have it. He, of course, gave it to me wholeheartedly. Yayy. I LOVE it. It comes in the sweetest and lightest beige, with the softest and comfiest material.

Beige oversized tee : Gap Maternity (HAHA!)
Black beaded and chained necklace : POS
Ring : Diva
Skinny : Only
Satchel : Charles and Keith (I know, I know, I've been wearing it all the time)
Oxford shoes : DMC

So, guys, will see you again next year. Meanwhile,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!

May you all have the merriest Christmas and the happiest new year :)

Love you all!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I've been bad..

I seriously have..

Do you still remember my crazy shopping I posted before? Well, guess what, it happened again..

I ended up with three pairs of shoes and a satchel. This is one of the merriest Christmas I've ever had. Haha..

But they're all good buys. Great stuff with friendly price. Who would reject such offers, right?

Okay, let's change the topic. Outfit post:

I want to show you guys my new favourite bag. The picture didn't do it justice. It actually comes in pretty faux crocs skin.

These two pics I took in my office's toilet. I found that it had better lighting then my house. At least you can see a slight of purple on my new oversized cardigan. Right?

Beige top: Club Monaco
Purple (!) oversized cardigan: Topshop
Black cropped pants: Zara
Leopard print belt : Ruby
Patent T-bar flats: Gap Kids
Faux crocs skin satchel: Charles and Keith

I'm going back to Indonesia on Thursday. And I just can't wait (I don't know how many times have I said it). I'm almost bursting with excitement now.

I just want to sleep these two days off, and wake up on Thursday.

Meanwhile, work is busy!! I need to prepare lots of things before leaving for a long leave.

But I am extremelly happy :)

How's your day guys? hope u're as happy as I am :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Friday

Geez, it's weekend again. Time does fly, doesn't it?

By the way,

I took leave yesterday, to do the promised shopping spree with Han.

But I think I left my brain at home yesterday, since I couldn't seem to find, moreover, use my brain while shopping.

I was having a crazy shopping!! seriously..Poor Han, his eyes looked exhausted at the end of the day. His hands were full with shopping bags. Surprisingly he did quite a shopping also.

Singapore is having sales (again). I was rummaging Topshop, Zara, Charles and Keith, Bershka, and the list goes on. Found some amazing things :)

When I listed my shopping last night, here's what I got (freaked me out!!!) :

-- Two oversized long cardigans (in sweetest purple, and cutest dark orange)
-- An oversized denim shirt
-- An oversized stripped button-down
-- A pair of floral high-waisted flare shorts
-- One faux crocs skinned satchel (PS1 look-alike)
-- A black wool zipper skirt
-- A black and silver wool flare skirt

Good thing is, I just got my bonus. So, no, I'm not broke..And those are really good buy..

I tried really hard not to buy this amazing leather jacket in Bershka. Amazing price, and buttery leather...But the weather is just not cooperative. So I put it back brokenheartedly.

Okay, now random pictures:

Some takoyaki we had before shopping. Nice :)

Me and my new piggy plushies, in my cubicle in the office. This one is a totally random pic. It's not even taken yesterday. It's two days ago. But I just want to show you the piggy. Han bought for me :)

What I wore for shopping yesterday.
Beige shirt worn as dress : forgotten
Brown woven belt : from Beijing
Black tights: unbranded
Black beaded flats: Charles and keith
Black tote : vintage Salvatore Ferragamo

Have a great weekend guys :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eight Days to go

And I can barely wait!!

The holiday mood is just overwhelming, don't you think?

I've been so unproductive at work these days. The whole idea of going home for Christmas makes me very lazy to do anything but planning on what to do and what to buy. The office is also getting quiter day by day as most of my collegues are taking long leaves. *sigh* But well, I'm still very excited about going home!!! yay!!! and Christmas!!! and New Year!!! with family!!!

Okay, I better stop.

Ohhh, how's your Christmas shopping dears? me, did a bit of shopping last week, but well, not enough. Me and Han are planning a shopping spree this weekend :D woohoo..

But I cannot come up with a wishlist. Although I've been aiming for one vintage-look bag, two (or three) pairs of shoes, an oversized button-down, some cute skirts, and a pair of (another) cuffed denim shorts, and...


Don't get me wrong, I know it's quite a long list and I will NOT buy ALL of them, but I've not shopped for quite a long time, or I should say I've been a very very good girl lately. And good girl deserves some rewards, doesn't she? ^ ^

Anyways, outfit post!

This might not be an 'interesting' one, but I love this dress. It's quite hot today in Singapore, and this dress is the comfiest thing to wear.

Han took my pics after we went out to swim during lunch time. Sorry for the silly smile on the second pic. That was when Han suddenly asked me to smile. He said that I could not really pulled out a cool pose, you know, those poses when u just act cool n not smile. Urgh. But, well i think he's right. But he should be more supportive, right?
I wore my specs that day. It's one of my random "lazy-to-put-on-contact-lenses" days. but for the sake of a better look, I took it off. Do you think I look better in specs or not?
LBD : Massimo Dutti
Black tote : vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
Black flats : Charles and Keith
Beaded bracelets and 'pearl' earrings : Diva

And these deserves a decent intro. They are my most comfortable flats. They're so comfortable that I feel like walking on a carpet. Really. I had them for a year, and they're still in good condition, except a bit of scratch on the front part. And yes, I'm more to a flats girl. Still love high heels, but flats take me everywhere I want :)

Have a great day dears!!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Indulging Pink and Colors

I'm in love with Mochino Cheap & Chic Spring 2010 Ready-to-wear collections. They come in the most beautiful colors, don't you agree?

I used to be a huge fan of pink when I was a teenager. And it is this shade of pink that I love. It really brings back my love towards pink. It's just sweet and lovely.

I'm loving all the sweet looking outfit, with all the frills and ruffles. All those silky materials, pink blazer, slim belts in sweetest colors, dresses, shorts, everything.


Have a colorful weekend guys!! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

When I'm feeling down...

Things are not going my way recently. Some seemingly bad things happen, and I don't have the power to prevent it, no matter how hard i try.

So, I'm sorry dears, I need to let out the steam, and today's post will not be a happy one :(

Let me tell you what happen.

Firstly, I applied for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) two months ago. Yesterday, I received a letter from the government. And yes, it's quite obvious from my current mood, I got rejected. Anyway, I was actually quite optimistic that I would get it, despite the fact that some of my friends also got rejected. Why? Well, I work in a government-linked company, doing a government-related project in which I am the only one in charge of this particular subject. The company has been working its ass off to find other staff to help me in this, but with no positive result. Practically, if I quit, the project will be stuck, and other following projects will be cancelled. But, guess what, the government doesn't want to give me the damn PR!!

As a matter of fact, I didn't really want to apply for PR, since well I was not sure about me staying in this country. It was Han who encouraged me to get it, because according to him, there are more advantages of being a PR. So, the reason I'm upset about getting rejected is not because I want this thing, but simply because they reject me, while I've been working hard completing their project. I was quite irritated.

Okay, actually I'm already quite cool about this at the moment, i.e. I'm not angry anymore. Just a little disappointed with the "treatment". But I'll get over it. I just feel like sharing this with all of you, u know, to ease the burden.

Secondly, I just heard that my grandma had to be hospitalized. She fell down when she was in the bathroom. And that causes a bit of damage on her backbone, which makes it quite painful for her to stand up or walk. I'm still waiting for news from my mom, since the doctor is still examining the X-ray to decide what to do. The problem is my grandma is very old, and has quite a serious dementia. So she keeps on forgetting that she just fell and hurt her bones. She always ended up wanting to stand up and wondering why she's in the hospital. I'm quite saddened by that and the fact that I cannot be there to accompany her and my family and to share the burden. Well, I can only pray for her now.

Oh, I really wish these 2 weeks would just fly away (I'm going back home on 24th)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Here's the promised post on home-made sushi roll. I've tried making sushi rolls like years ago. And that was only one-time attempt. Last weekend was the second.

Japanese Rice, cooked, mix with a bit of japanese vinegar, and add a lil bit of salt and sugar
Dried seaweed/Nori
Crabstick, sliced
Avocado, sliced
Tuna, mashed and mix with Japanese mayonnaise
Egg, beaten and fried, then slice

Okay, sorry, I'm not good with recipe, so I just write down the things I did. Basically, making sushi roll is very easy, and you can add things on your own liking.

You will need a bamboo sushi mat to roll the sushi, since we want to keep the seaweed dry and crispy. Then, make sure you have a very sharp knife to slice. You don't want to end up with unrolled sushi, do you? Above is the rolled sushi. I know it looks so not professional. But well, it's quite good for an amateur like me. RIGHT?

Okay, drum roll please!


I better just show you the end result directly. Tell me, they look quite good, don't they? And guess what, they are really yummy. You can dip them in light soya sauce mixed with wasabi or those Japanese mayonnaise to add more taste.

You must be wondering what's that beside the sushi. It's my-own-acclaimed Japanese salad.
Fine, actually it's left-over salad. Since there are some crabstick, avocado, and egg left from the sushi, I decided to mix them with some hand torn lettuce. The special thing from this salad is the dressing. It's the smaller bottle in the pic. You can get one in the supermarket, Japanese section. They're wonderful. That was the first time I tried it, and I loved it. It just mixed really well with everything in the salad. Must-try!

The proud chef, hahaha.. Sorry for the funny face..
Han's leaving for a short trip to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow with his family. I'm gonna have a lonely weekend..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad Hair Day

I often have bad hair days recently. My hair is too long, and style-less. I'm thinking to cut it short. What do you think? Besides having long hair in Singapore is really troublesome, due to its hot weather.

A few days ago, I had this really-bad hair day, and my fringe was pissing me off. So, I just tied it up into a bun. This hairstyle, people, was extremelly comfortable. I didn't care that I looked like one of those Chinese Old-time Kungfu Masters, as long as I could feel the wind brushing through the back of my neck and on my face.

This is me with my lovely bun, about to go out to have some porridge breakfast. Btw, the porridge was delicious! For you who stay in Singapore or who want to visit Singapore, make sure you try Maxwell market's famous porridge, along with the raw fish salads.

Okay, this pose was not pulled out on purpose. I was watching TV, yes sitting like this, then Han took my picture. Sorry about the stupid expression.

Fuschia tank : Nets
Beige cropped high-waisted pants : Bysi
Bracelets and rose earrings : Diva
Watch : Tag Heur
Black bag : Aldo

I like my Bysi pants. They're actually longer than how it looks on the pic, and a bit loose, so they're very comfortable.

Another close-up of the bun. I think I will live with this bun everyday until I decided to crop my hair. (Ignore the sausage-like arm, please..)
Anyway, I started my healthy lifestyle last week. I swim every other day, and eat healthy food. Two days ago I made my own tuna sushi and salads. Will post it tomorrow. Woohoo, I'm feeling like a saint again :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sometimes, forgive and forget are easy..

I went to Han's friend's funeral last Friday. If you don't know what happened and want to know the story, can check my last post, here. But, in short, this guy committed suicide by jumping down from his 19th floor flat, taking away tens of thousands of dollars he borrowed from his friends, and God-knows-how-much from loanshark.

We met his wife in the funeral, and we couldn't help feeling sorry for her. She was so skinny, and her eyes were all swollen. She told us one phone conversation they had one day before he died:

Husband : Do you still remember one question you asked me before we got married?
Wife : What question?
Husband : You asked me how much I love you, but at that time I could not answer.
Wife : ..........
Husband : I can answer you now. I would die for you.

I really don't know how to feel. It's creepy yet heartbreaking. This guy committed suicide because the loanshark kept on threatening that they would hurt the wife, if he didn't pay up. So, he paid them with his life, which worked, because the loanshark stopped bugging them.

I can't help thinking that he still did something stupid and irresponsible by comitting suicide instead of facing the fact and fight for it. And the poor wife.... But, nothing can be done anymore. And knowing what is actually happened actually made our heart lighter. We decided to forgive and forget.

Okay, enough with the sad story, we decided not to talk about this anymore.

Here's an outfit shoot to abruptly change the topic ;)

White sheer button-up : some boutique in Jurong Point
Broken white tank top : Zara
Black legging : FarEast Plaza
Black bag : Aldo

I love this button-up. They have the softest material, and very comfortable to wear. It's actually a hoodie button-up, which is not visible in the pics.
Brown Leather bracelet : Cotton-On
Beaded bracelets : Diva
Ring : Diva

This ring is my new absolute favourite!

Faux Snake-skin flat : Ruby

They're just lovely and comfortable...
How's your weekend, guys? Hope you were having a great time..

Friday, December 4, 2009


I just heard a shocking news yesterday, about Han's friend.

This guy, Jeff, was found dead after jumping down from his flat on 19th floor. He committed suicide. It's supposed to be a sad story, and I did feel quite sad about it. But the problem is this guy was not really lovable in his later days.

Two years ago, he loaned money from his friends, including Han, by telling sad reasons which were all lies. I tell you, it's not just small amount of money, tens of thousands of dollars. Yet, he never returned the money, 'till the day that he died. Not even a cent. He said he was cheated by a friend in a business deal and lost a lot of money, and then he needed money to keep his business survived. The funny thing was, right after he loaned money, his wife went to a trip to Taiwan. Like, WTH?!

Another funny thing, a year ago, he asked to meet up with Han, which ended up with him wanting to borrow 2,000 dollars more, which Han refused. Han said that at that time he (Han) was wearing a slightly torn tee (which I already asked him to throw away months ago) and a slightly torn bag (thrown away by me also), and that guy, Jeff, guess what, was wearing a Burberry shirt and a huge LV bag (which are authentic, knowing that he used to be quite well-to-do). I mean, WTH?!?! Okay, I mean, if he needed 2,000 dollars, he could just sell away those shirt and bag to a secondhand shop, or what. That's quite a lot of money, right.

Anyways, I know I sound really mean to someone who's dead already. Well, I was quite pissed, but after hearing what happened to him, I felt quite sad for him, really. He must have been going through quite a hell. Although still I cannot understand how someone would decide to end his own life, no matter how shitty life is. But well, what can I say.

Okay, enough with the sad story. I did another outfit shoot yesterday. The results are a bit shitty, but I will still post it, cos it took quite a lot of energy to do it. We took like 20 shots but none was good enough *sigh. These are the best I can get. I think I need to find a better location with better lightings, and train Han more, hehe.

Stripped tee : Zara
Cuffed black jeans : Vintage
Vintage look sling bag : Charles n Keith
Brown slim belt : bought in Beijing
Brown sequined flats : Tangs (can't remembere the brand)

Han said I needed a haircut. I do, my hair was too messy. He asked me to tie it up.

I bought these shoes a year ago, and I'm still in love with them. They are the most comfy flats I have ever had. I'm not really a heel person, especially in Singapore where you walk a lot. I prefer flats.

I love the sequined accent and the bow.

My new pairs of feather earrings from Ruby. Very cheap.
These bag was bought a year ago. It's not vintage, but I love how it looks like a vintage mom's bag. It's a bit small, so I don't use it a lot.
It's weekend guys, have lots of fun, okay!!