Monday, December 7, 2009

Sometimes, forgive and forget are easy..

I went to Han's friend's funeral last Friday. If you don't know what happened and want to know the story, can check my last post, here. But, in short, this guy committed suicide by jumping down from his 19th floor flat, taking away tens of thousands of dollars he borrowed from his friends, and God-knows-how-much from loanshark.

We met his wife in the funeral, and we couldn't help feeling sorry for her. She was so skinny, and her eyes were all swollen. She told us one phone conversation they had one day before he died:

Husband : Do you still remember one question you asked me before we got married?
Wife : What question?
Husband : You asked me how much I love you, but at that time I could not answer.
Wife : ..........
Husband : I can answer you now. I would die for you.

I really don't know how to feel. It's creepy yet heartbreaking. This guy committed suicide because the loanshark kept on threatening that they would hurt the wife, if he didn't pay up. So, he paid them with his life, which worked, because the loanshark stopped bugging them.

I can't help thinking that he still did something stupid and irresponsible by comitting suicide instead of facing the fact and fight for it. And the poor wife.... But, nothing can be done anymore. And knowing what is actually happened actually made our heart lighter. We decided to forgive and forget.

Okay, enough with the sad story, we decided not to talk about this anymore.

Here's an outfit shoot to abruptly change the topic ;)

White sheer button-up : some boutique in Jurong Point
Broken white tank top : Zara
Black legging : FarEast Plaza
Black bag : Aldo

I love this button-up. They have the softest material, and very comfortable to wear. It's actually a hoodie button-up, which is not visible in the pics.
Brown Leather bracelet : Cotton-On
Beaded bracelets : Diva
Ring : Diva

This ring is my new absolute favourite!

Faux Snake-skin flat : Ruby

They're just lovely and comfortable...
How's your weekend, guys? Hope you were having a great time..


  1. I'm sorry to hear, it's such a heartfelt story, but at the same time.. I have to agree on you with the fact that he should have faced the problems instead of running away. Rest in peace regardless..

    On another note, I absolutely love the outfit - you look stunning!! And, adore the darling bracelets and the ring :)

  2. naww, this really is a very sad incident :( though i really want your shoes! ah i've been looking for an ideal pair of snakesin shoes, and those i must say are really fabulous :D i love love love rings & your outift is overall really cute :) X O X O

  3. What?? For real? People can be so nasty. I feel bad for his wife, so like all along he knew what's gonna happen to him and he also planned it. Got goosebumps reading the conversation between the guy and his wife. Gosh. May his soul RIP.

  4. Wow, that is quite a story. I read the previous post and I can't understand why he didn't do everything he could (like selling things you mentioned) to help himself. I guess his mind was messed up from the fear and worry. Maybe he thought if he maintained his image that somehow everything would work out and no one would ever know how much trouble he was in.

    I hope his wife can get over the pain and shock.

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  6. @Aney & CL : thanks gals :)

    @Russ: ya, for real..That's what we heard from the wife, and I got goosebumps too when I first heard about it..

    @RicAdeMus: I also think that this guy must have been going through hell itself, with all the fear and worry. Now can only pray for the wife..

  7. hello its me again... i already added your link at my blog site... care to add mine too? thanks for following by the way!!!! hoping for more chats with you!