Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eight Days to go

And I can barely wait!!

The holiday mood is just overwhelming, don't you think?

I've been so unproductive at work these days. The whole idea of going home for Christmas makes me very lazy to do anything but planning on what to do and what to buy. The office is also getting quiter day by day as most of my collegues are taking long leaves. *sigh* But well, I'm still very excited about going home!!! yay!!! and Christmas!!! and New Year!!! with family!!!

Okay, I better stop.

Ohhh, how's your Christmas shopping dears? me, did a bit of shopping last week, but well, not enough. Me and Han are planning a shopping spree this weekend :D woohoo..

But I cannot come up with a wishlist. Although I've been aiming for one vintage-look bag, two (or three) pairs of shoes, an oversized button-down, some cute skirts, and a pair of (another) cuffed denim shorts, and...


Don't get me wrong, I know it's quite a long list and I will NOT buy ALL of them, but I've not shopped for quite a long time, or I should say I've been a very very good girl lately. And good girl deserves some rewards, doesn't she? ^ ^

Anyways, outfit post!

This might not be an 'interesting' one, but I love this dress. It's quite hot today in Singapore, and this dress is the comfiest thing to wear.

Han took my pics after we went out to swim during lunch time. Sorry for the silly smile on the second pic. That was when Han suddenly asked me to smile. He said that I could not really pulled out a cool pose, you know, those poses when u just act cool n not smile. Urgh. But, well i think he's right. But he should be more supportive, right?
I wore my specs that day. It's one of my random "lazy-to-put-on-contact-lenses" days. but for the sake of a better look, I took it off. Do you think I look better in specs or not?
LBD : Massimo Dutti
Black tote : vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
Black flats : Charles and Keith
Beaded bracelets and 'pearl' earrings : Diva

And these deserves a decent intro. They are my most comfortable flats. They're so comfortable that I feel like walking on a carpet. Really. I had them for a year, and they're still in good condition, except a bit of scratch on the front part. And yes, I'm more to a flats girl. Still love high heels, but flats take me everywhere I want :)

Have a great day dears!!



  1. Christmas does put everyone in a non-work mood + it makes people extra nice too. I ♥ your dress dear. You own the cutest pairs of shoes! All the shoes I've seen that you've posted, they're all lovely.

  2. first of all, nice pics =)

    "planning on what to do and what to buy" the words

    and i cant wait for new year too :D

  3. haaai,i luv u're black outfit,its simple but looks so gorgeous....
    i follow u dear....

  4. I love it!!
    & thanks. I fanned you too. :D
    It's dangerously addicting. ^^
    I think you should put this outfit as one of your looks! :)
    It's beautiful!

  5. i ♥ that dress! and i agree, you have the cutest shoes! you look great with and without specs, :) X O X O