Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad Hair Day

I often have bad hair days recently. My hair is too long, and style-less. I'm thinking to cut it short. What do you think? Besides having long hair in Singapore is really troublesome, due to its hot weather.

A few days ago, I had this really-bad hair day, and my fringe was pissing me off. So, I just tied it up into a bun. This hairstyle, people, was extremelly comfortable. I didn't care that I looked like one of those Chinese Old-time Kungfu Masters, as long as I could feel the wind brushing through the back of my neck and on my face.

This is me with my lovely bun, about to go out to have some porridge breakfast. Btw, the porridge was delicious! For you who stay in Singapore or who want to visit Singapore, make sure you try Maxwell market's famous porridge, along with the raw fish salads.

Okay, this pose was not pulled out on purpose. I was watching TV, yes sitting like this, then Han took my picture. Sorry about the stupid expression.

Fuschia tank : Nets
Beige cropped high-waisted pants : Bysi
Bracelets and rose earrings : Diva
Watch : Tag Heur
Black bag : Aldo

I like my Bysi pants. They're actually longer than how it looks on the pic, and a bit loose, so they're very comfortable.

Another close-up of the bun. I think I will live with this bun everyday until I decided to crop my hair. (Ignore the sausage-like arm, please..)
Anyway, I started my healthy lifestyle last week. I swim every other day, and eat healthy food. Two days ago I made my own tuna sushi and salads. Will post it tomorrow. Woohoo, I'm feeling like a saint again :)


  1. I hate bad hair days! The bun is always the perfect problem solver for them. I could really use some hot weather right now, it's starting to get so cold here!

  2. Good thing putting your hair up in a bun or in a pony tail can help make a bad hair day okay :) I think short hair will look good on you + for a change, especially with a new year coming in a few weeks. Go girl.Ü

  3. I have a strong feeling u will cut your hair by new year :D

  4. walking back!
    enjoy the healthy living oliv!!
    cant wait to see how u made the salad. im trying to get salad for every dinner.. just lettuce and dressing... its good but pretty boring...

    i agree with others, i think short hair look good on you, it'll make u look so fresh


  5. short hair... i just cut my hair short. very short due to the hot weather here. and i feel more comfortable.

  6. Haha, for some reason, from your profile picture, I've always imagined you to be of like european descent or something. Lol, :)

    && for the short hair- Go for it! If you don't like it, it'll always grow back. :)

  7. i agree with all the comments above! go for a fresh short-ish cut :) although i still really like your hair long, it's really lovely & the bun looks great, X O X O