Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Attempt

Yesterday I was in a good morning mood, which is rare. Yes, I am usually a grumpy gal in the morning, because I don't like waking up early. But Han, my boyfriend, is a totally morning person. Well, I don't want to complain, so all I could say is, we complete each other.
Han said if both of us were working in the Police Department, I would definitely be an interrogator, and he would be a negotiator, and we would make a great team together. He even made some imaginary scenario for me and him.

Me a.k.a. Interrogator : "Don't talk shits to me, you a**h**le. Tell me the truth! You killed the girl, didn't you?!" *beat the poor culprit to death*
Han a.k.a. Negotiator : "Okay, okay, you relax. Just take a deep breath, and give me the gun. Everything will be just fine, I promise you. You won't get hurt. Okay?" *slowly and patiently approaching the suicidal guy*

Now there, that is really the truth, I have to admit. Han's and my character are totally immersely different. I am an impatient, grumpy, expressive girl. He is an (unbelievably) patient, happy, understanding guy. So that scenario is just totally us.

Anyways, where was I?

OH, ya, so yesterday morning I was in good mood. So I asked Han to help me take an outfit shoot. He's a newbie in this so this is the best we can get, plus we're late for work. *On the train to work, I was complaining for half an hour about how he took the picture from his point of view and thus made me look short*

Sorry for the stupid face and pose. This is my first outfit shoot, and I'm the least photogenic person in the world. The next ones will be better, promise.

I wore this to work, so I was trying to keep it simple.

Black bodycon dress worn as top : Gaudi
High waisted mustard skirt with hidden front pocket : Hardware by Luna Maya
Black bag : Aldo (Han's bought for me)
Patent black T-bar flats : Gap kids (i wore kids stuff!!)

I love these shoes. I don't usually go for a girly look, but sometimes I like to play around with this playful items. These shoes just easily give a girly look.

Some bracelets from Diva

I like these cute vintage earrings. Love the turqoise color. I have to cut my face off. I look really funny there.
Oh btw, one of my colleagues just came back from Hongkong, and he bought me some cookies and chocolates from Disneyland. They're so cute :)

I ate the Mickey Mouse cookie already, and it was yummy. Very creamy.

Cute packaging :)

Tomorrow's Friday!!! Yayy....


  1. Lovely outfit! Adore the bag.

    PS - I have a really great giveaway on my blog - Ugg boots. Don't forget to sign up! :)

  2. those conversation definitely made me laughing my ass off, hahahahahahahaha

  3. Aren't we all grumpy in the morning? Hahaa! I always get scolded by my Mom when I'm like that, as if she's not used to my morning mood. I ♥ your skirt dear ─ it's the right shade of yellow that would brighten anyone's mood :)

  4. So sweet, you two are so adorable. Don't worry, I appear REALLY short in my pictures. I love the top and the skirt is just darling!

  5. gosh i love your bag & the colour of your earrings is just lovely, :) also the yellow skirt amongst all the black looks great! X O X O

  6. Thanks all for the support and lovely comments :) You are all darlings *hugs*

    Russ, come to think of it, yes, and I'm ALWAYS grumpy in the morning..


  7. Live! sign up to !!

    U have to...

    u will be gr8 there...come on!!

  8. TGIF EY! lovely skirt!

    One Love,

  9. @Jak: I always want to sign up, but then found myself back out everytime..Thx to u, i signed up already, just now, hehehe..

    @Jowy : thanks gal! have a fun weekend :)