Friday, December 4, 2009


I just heard a shocking news yesterday, about Han's friend.

This guy, Jeff, was found dead after jumping down from his flat on 19th floor. He committed suicide. It's supposed to be a sad story, and I did feel quite sad about it. But the problem is this guy was not really lovable in his later days.

Two years ago, he loaned money from his friends, including Han, by telling sad reasons which were all lies. I tell you, it's not just small amount of money, tens of thousands of dollars. Yet, he never returned the money, 'till the day that he died. Not even a cent. He said he was cheated by a friend in a business deal and lost a lot of money, and then he needed money to keep his business survived. The funny thing was, right after he loaned money, his wife went to a trip to Taiwan. Like, WTH?!

Another funny thing, a year ago, he asked to meet up with Han, which ended up with him wanting to borrow 2,000 dollars more, which Han refused. Han said that at that time he (Han) was wearing a slightly torn tee (which I already asked him to throw away months ago) and a slightly torn bag (thrown away by me also), and that guy, Jeff, guess what, was wearing a Burberry shirt and a huge LV bag (which are authentic, knowing that he used to be quite well-to-do). I mean, WTH?!?! Okay, I mean, if he needed 2,000 dollars, he could just sell away those shirt and bag to a secondhand shop, or what. That's quite a lot of money, right.

Anyways, I know I sound really mean to someone who's dead already. Well, I was quite pissed, but after hearing what happened to him, I felt quite sad for him, really. He must have been going through quite a hell. Although still I cannot understand how someone would decide to end his own life, no matter how shitty life is. But well, what can I say.

Okay, enough with the sad story. I did another outfit shoot yesterday. The results are a bit shitty, but I will still post it, cos it took quite a lot of energy to do it. We took like 20 shots but none was good enough *sigh. These are the best I can get. I think I need to find a better location with better lightings, and train Han more, hehe.

Stripped tee : Zara
Cuffed black jeans : Vintage
Vintage look sling bag : Charles n Keith
Brown slim belt : bought in Beijing
Brown sequined flats : Tangs (can't remembere the brand)

Han said I needed a haircut. I do, my hair was too messy. He asked me to tie it up.

I bought these shoes a year ago, and I'm still in love with them. They are the most comfy flats I have ever had. I'm not really a heel person, especially in Singapore where you walk a lot. I prefer flats.

I love the sequined accent and the bow.

My new pairs of feather earrings from Ruby. Very cheap.
These bag was bought a year ago. It's not vintage, but I love how it looks like a vintage mom's bag. It's a bit small, so I don't use it a lot.
It's weekend guys, have lots of fun, okay!!


  1. Oh maaaaaan. That's tough, but I know where you're coming from. Remember my Mom's brother who passed on two weeks ago? He's not really been that good to people around him, especially to my Mom. I even call him "Scar" ─ Mufasa's brother from Lion King, because he's really not pleasant so am really pissed when my Mom still insists on helping him & his family. They've not really been warm, even civil to Mom.

    That's a cute top you have and
    pretty shoes. Are you size 6? You look like you're a size 6 :)

  2. woah, I know how u must be quite irritating..but ur mom must be going through a hard time also, u know, no matter how, he was still her own brother..but well, they passed away already, so I think all we can do is just be strong n be grateful. Luckily my BF is okay also..

    btw, thx for the compliment:) U know, when u say I look like size 6, i thought u're talking about clothing size, which made me very happy, but then I think it's impossible, hell i don't look like size 6, hahaha.. Then I realized that u're talking about shoes, haha...I'm actually 6 and a half :)

  3. Death is a sad thing no matter who it is, but what he did sounds so messed up! & you're right, I don't understand why people would end their life when they could just move far, far away & start over? Ahhh. Anyway, those flats & earrings are so cute :)

  4. Oh woow. I myself don't know what I would do if I knew a friend that did that.
    But I can't help feeling more sorry for the 'friends' he ripped off that him committing suicide.

    On a lighter note, I adore your sling bag & feather earrings. :)The bag has a sort of sailor-esque/ vintagey feel. :)

  5. oh that's really sad :(
    but i think those sequined flats are very adorable! and the feather earrings are real nice :)