Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Going back from Kuala Lumpur, we stopped by at Malacca, which is between KL and Batu Pahat, Han's hometown. I've never been to Malacca before, so I was quite excited.

First things first, we ATE. This is our second lunch. We had lunch already in KL. Anyways, Malacca is famous with this Satay Celup.

For you who's not familiar with satay, it's basically skewered diced meat. But as you can see in the picture, the satay there is not meat. They have variety of things being skewered, like beancurd, sausages, fishballs, veggie (the suspicious green thing), fishcakes, you tiao (Chinese crullers), and many many more.

Celup means dip. So basically, there's a hotpot in the middle of the table, boiling. You're supposed to dip the satay into the boiling sauce. Some kind of fondue. But the sauce is traditional satay peanut sauce. They're really good. Some people drive all the way from Singapore, or other parts of Malaysia to Malacca just to eat this thing.

This is our first tray. We had our second and third tray. Oh btw, it's more like a buffet thing. So we have to take our satays ourselves. Fun, right..

The hot peanut sauce.

Another picture to let you drool over, hehe..

Anyways, after three trays of satay celup, we went to this old town area. The place was so traditional, reminded me of my hometown. Some old houses and traditional market.

And then, we passed by this river. The weather that day was nice for me. A bit cloudy, and a little windy.

A very old clock tower, from either Dutch or Portuguese colonization era.

An old church. It's from 1753, as you can see there. Wow, it's like more than 250 years ago.

We spent around 1 hour there, then it started drizzling. So we rushed back to the car before it started raining. When we were about to reach the parking area, it was already raining quite hard.
We ended up wet inside the car.
Wew, it was quite fun though.


  1. ah, i´m gaining a pound or two just by looking at this peanut sauce thingy :)i love all kinds of asian food!

  2. when i saw the pictures of Malacca, i felt very familiar :) u're right, it's so much alike to Surabaya. And the bridge looks like Jembatan Merah :) Thanks for posting ur trip to Malacca, Liv.

  3. @Jb: me too, love Asian food, esp those spicy ones :)

    @Bee: u're welcome Bee :) I agree, the bridge somehow resembles Jembatan merah,haha..

  4. Wonderful :) I'd enjoy eating all those food. They'd taste even better with super sour vinegar! YUMMY.

    The photo with the pink building with the couple tourist walking reminds me of one of the streets here in Manila.

  5. Malacca looks really nice & the satay celup looks so good! I've never eaten it before.

  6. HAHAHAHAA...too bad to u that i dont like that kind off food!! Yey!! i survive from ur foodie label lol

  7. Jak, I still have another foodie post, the one before this one, about Kuala Lumpur..haha..