Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Little Prayer

Thank You God

For being with me anytime anywhere, with no absence

For walking in front of me to lead my way

For staying beside me to keep me accompanied

For standing behind me to catch my falling

For smiling to me when I smile

For crying with me when I cry

Thank You Father

For giving up your everything so that I can get my everything

Thank You

For simply accepting me as me

For cherising me for me

For simply, loving me without any reason, at all

Thank you for simply everything that You have given me

And everything I have Lord, all my life is Yours..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

They say...

You know you're in LOVE when you can't fall asleep

because reality is finally better than dreams

And I couldn't sleep last night.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a lazy ass

How's ur Monday guys?
I'm feeling super lazy today, don't know why..
I really need a spirit boost..

These are some random things that happened to me so far:

1.. I woke up at 7.30 in the morning light-headed, took shower, prepared breakfast, but apparently didn't have time to eat, so I packed it up, planning to eat it in the office.

2.. I didn't have mood to dress up, so i just simply put on a comfy polo shirt, and comfy pair of blue jeans, and a pair of made-for-running flats.

3.. Not in the mood to doll up as well, just put on some sunblock, eye liner, and lip balm.

4.. I walked to the bus stop which is 5-10 mins walk from home, while the sun was scorching hot. so damn hot and humid. And I was sweating. I hate sweating early in the morning, just not right to start a day.

5.. When I reached the bus stop, the bus just left, so I need to wait for the next one. @#$*%

6.. When I reached office, I checked my email, and I found that there's an email from my senior asking me to finish one task before lunchtime..

7.. I ate my meant-for-breakfast sandwich for lunch, and one huge cup of coffee!! God bless the person who discover coffee!!

8.. I got no inspiration at all of what to post today, thus, this complaining list post..

9.. It's 4.30 pm, which means one and a half hour to off-work. Quite a relieved.

10.. I hope tomorrow will be a better day..God please...
Still, hope you all have a fun Monday guys :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Little Sis........

is blogging now!!

After some 'encouragement' from me, she finally released her first post :) Her name is Evelyn, just graduated from uni, and jobless -okay, still looking for job-

She's still new in this thing, so might need time to learn, like all of us did. I really like her blog heading though.

I hope she will do some fashion blogging, outfit photos kinda thing, cause personally I think she has a good sense of style, and always pull out some nice look from what she has in her wardrobe (which only God knows how many)

So guys, you might want to check myshybaby out and give her some xoxo support ;)

xoxo to all of you too :) have a fun weekend!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1+1+1 = perfection

I have been blessed by God with two little sisters. Yes, my mom and dad have three girls in the family, which cause equally the same fun and trouble.
As the oldest sister, most of the time I act like a typical oldest, controlling and selfish. Luckily, my two little sisters are the sweetest sisters you will ever know, they can bear with me being annoying.
Sometimes in the middle of the night, while my sis already sleep comfortably inside their blanket, I will wake them up to accompany me to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water (yes, I'm that chicken, I'm scared of dark and night) So, they will grumble a bit but still go with me.
While I'm away from home like now, they will try to keep in touch as much as they can. And everytime I go back home they always give me a big hug, and the sweetest smiles they can give. It's always been a heartwarming moment everytime I get to go back and see them.
We shared a bedroom until I was around 22, and that didn't bother us at all. We always spend the night chatting and joking and laughing together.
My two sisters are very different one to another.
My second sis is very easy-going. She's more extrovert, cheerful, and lively. She enjoys fashion and shopping more than anything else. As a matter of fact, I always go to her everytime I cannot decide what to wear. She enjoys things I enjoy. So we do get along really well like bestfriends. Oh, she's also very funny, we always share the same jokes and laugh until we cannot stop.
My baby sis is my mom's forever babygirl. She's also a forever babysis for me. She's more introvert, very sensitive, kind-hearted, and generous. She never wants to make trouble with people, and always try so hard not to hurt people's feeling. She's also a very sweet girl. She always keeps every gift she got since she was very young. She keeps all very neatly as if they're treasures. Once when I had my 17 birthday, she made a DIY chained mini photo frames that was filled with my photos since I was a baby until then. That was the sweetest gift I've ever received,really. I always feel sorry for her because I often refused to play with her when we were young, so now I really sincerely wants to be a good sister for her.
I have seen a lot of family in which siblings cannot get along well and stuff. I also heard people complaining about their siblings. And this makes me more and more grateful that I have such a wonderful family. Of course we fight and quarrel, but never will we try to hurt each other nor will we speak negatively about each other to other people. We always try to appreciate and cherish each other. And I do love them a lot.
Well, I post this because suddenly I miss them so much. I cannot wait until December when I will go back home to see them :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My boyfriend... going to Japan for a conference tomorrow, for two weeks. He's going to show off his robot in some international robotic event. And I'm proud of him.
But seriously I've never been away from him that long (no kidding..) and I know I'm going to miss him..I keep on telling myself "For God's sake, it's only two short weeks!"

I really should get a life.

I often feel that I put myself in my self-created so-called bad condition. So, I really need to stop thinking the sad things, and start thinking of small things that I should be happy and grateful with.

Okay, here is a list of the two-week blues remedies (hope I won't bored you) :
1.. I have a stack of books I bought but didn't get the chance to read
  • Twilight : I'm still stuck at the first book (what's the first book's title again?) when Edward starts going after Bella.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which few pages I've read months ago
  • The Revolutionary Road
  • My Sister's Keeper
  • September's Elle (But September is finishing soon..)
  • 3 other books my Mom bought for me (These ones are must-read)

2.. I can go on diet, which I can't while boyfriend is around, he always takes me to eat good food, which of course I cannot resist. I might be able to actually wear my skinny jeans again!! (I lose and gain weight very fast, and I don't know whether it is a good thing or not)

3.. I have a stack of dvds I didn't get the chance to watch

  • Boys Before Flower, ya I know it's cheesy, but the guy is quite cute
  • Kim Sam Soon, I don't know what the hell is this, my friend lend me
  • CSI New York season 5 woohoo

I think I should finish these before I really buy House and Gossip Girl

4.. I just found one new place that serves tasty cuppa, named Black Canyon. Finding a tasty cuppa always makes me happy. I can go there again one day (or two) this weekend.

5.. I can chit chat with my mom and sis longer. My mom has 'booked' me for chatting session everyday after work, while my boyfriend is away. Isn't she sweet :)

6.. More shopping session with bbf!! ....which is probably not a good idea, after a second thought.. I really do need to save money to get a house.. okay, chatting over coffee (and dessert) session..

7.. I have time to pamper myself!! It's been quite long.. I can do some home spa. maybe some face mask, manicure, body scrub, or hair cut (!!! my hair is a mess) ..

8.. I finally have time to take some outfit photos. I always want to do this since I love mix&matching things I have in my wardrobe..Let's see if I can actually do this..

9.. ...................

I think I should stop, it's enough for two weeks..And my lil sis just gave me a lecture on how to be a romantic girlfriend (I'm a super romantic person, NOT).

sis : Just for once, be romantic, get him some small stuff that will remind him of you..maybe, boneka babi?

me: u mean barbie?

sis: whatever..just take him to a dinner and while waiting for the food, you can run to the nearest shop and get something..

me: why do I need to run?

sis: grr..because you need to rush unless you want him to think that you're doing something "big" in the toilet..

me: but, me and him can msn and even webcam everyday...

sis: technology is the least romantic thing in the world, u know that?!

me: ok ok fine, I'll be romantic for once and get him something.

sis: good..a relationship need some spices to live on, you know..

My little sister is teaching me to keep a relationship alive. great. Okay, maybe I will really get something for him, and show him that I too can actually be a sweet and romantic girl. (urghh, just this once)

I will really miss him though..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I can't help..

..not posting this.

Milly Spring 2010





I love everything about this collection. I adore the mix of colors, patterns, materials on the outfit and accessories. And the exaggarating black bow are really something. Great look to pull out this Spring :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally, taking a deep a breath

The whole weekend has been extremely packed and exhausting. Had a series of birthday party, wedding dinner, farewell lunch, one-day shopping with bbf, and movie date. That explains my absence for these few days. One good thing is we're having a long weekend here in Singapore since today is a holiday, so at least today I can just rest and slack at home.

Oh Sunday we're attending a greater than grand wedding dinner. The food was great, including scallops, abalone, prawns, lobster, fish, and one whole piece of sharksfin. Not to forget, free flow of wine. The bride, who was my high school friend looked pretty and glowing, with a beautiful cheongsam collar dress, and jimmy choo shoes. Oh I got to see some friends I haven't seen for quite a while also, and that felt great.

Okay, I can't stop yawning, so I better go back to bed again. Good nite.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can she ever go wrong?

Everytime I see Kate Lanphear, I die. This Style Director of US Elle always manages to direct her own style in a majorly mind-blowing kinda way.. I seriously plan to steal anything she has inside her closet, really..

She's in black, and bringing a little of white

Isn't it the coolest and the fiercest set of accesories in the whole world?

Have you ever thought of wearing your shirt that way? me, no.. But do I like it? Oh, I love it..

She's in dark grey..looking as fabulous as ever..

I wonder how many white tees, black skinies, black booties, and blazers she has?

She's in leather

and studdeds

and voila!

more black and white, except this time she wears mini skirt, and shorts..and oh so wow black booties..

The rain doesn't put a stop on her..Still looking fab with a black dress..and look at her tiny sling bag..
No personal favorite cos all these are my favorites..But this last look really got me stunned..I love everything about it..The grey blazer, the white tees, the black pants, the studded belt, the accesories, shoes..

This post got me in a very good mood to shop :)

I know I am blessed, I know I am loved

When I open my eyes early in the morning knowing another busy day is ahead of me
while someone out there might be afraid of not being able to see tomorrow

When I have two slices of bread for breakfast every morning
while someone out there might not even have anything to eat for one whole day

When I get a job in Singapore, afar from home
while someone out there might have sent hundreds of CVs but get no call-ins

When I get a message from my mom every single day just asking how I am doing
while someone out there might not even know how it feels to have a mommy

When I have a simple dinner after work
while someone out there might not have time to eat because of working overtime

When I have a lot of options of clothes to wear for the week
while someone out there might have been wearing the same clothes for months

When I see my boyfriend's smiling face
while someone out there might cry over a harassing boyfriend

When I have the strength to walk the roughest path of life
while someone out there might think to give up and stop walking

It is when I try to see that someone out there might go through worse than me
It is when I see that what I am going through is not that hard
It is when I see that I am precious no matter how I am or who I am

There, I know that I am blessed

When Someone died on the cross
so that I can live

When Someone bore a scar in His hands
so that I can be blessed

There, I know that I am dearly loved

So guys, be blessed and be grateful in every single thing happened in your life.
Cos you are all precious and you are all loved :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flora and Fauna



photo via ilovecoolthings

Rebecca Taylor spring 2010 collection

I never thought of animal and floral print in one look, but Rebecca Taylor make it fabulously possible.

I think these looks shout rebel and cute at the same time, and oh, for the name of fashion, how I love it..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Isn't she lovely...

photos via starbucksandjane
She passed away two years before I was born, but her name is very familiar to my ears because my mom was her big fan, and her story was a constant bedtime story instead of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. She told me how beautiful and how graceful she was.
I've seen her in some movie clips and yes she was extraordinarily pretty. I've seen her standing besides Prince Rainier III of Monaco. And she was the prettiest princess I've ever seen. But when i found these pictures, I saw her as a simple girl from Pennsylvania who was just having the time of her life, not as an Oscar winning actress, not as a princess, but just as a girl. And this side of her is even more attracting than any other sides. As lovely as Grace Kelly really was.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There's something about this pair of shoes...

photo via shoeyorkcity
Nine West Iota, Spring 2009
...and I love them..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just Bought

I sprained my neck during my sleep. I didn't know how it happened, but the pain is kiling me. I tried salonpas but apparently it doesn't work. So today I'm stuck at home. Hopefully it's going to be over soon..
Pray for me guys..

I finally found...

..the eating place with that really wows me :) And it made me happy..

TGIF, time to splurge on good food. This time, we decided to cut the 'crab'. Yes, some fresh crabs to freshen up our mind for the weekend :)

So, we went to this eating place at 40 Holland Drive. I remembered eating there months ago, it was good. Then the place was renovated recently, and apparently the food is also improved.

So here's what we have:

I ordered this lime juice. Very refreshing. The sour and sweet were just right.

It's him, with his favorite Teh C. For you who don't know what Teh C is, it's a local black tea mixed with evaporated milk. And it tastes really nice. But I prefer Teh, which is black tea mixed with sweet condensed milk. Little tips for you, if you visit Singapore and you want to order just tea without milk, you should say Teh O.

This was the first dish served, Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock. And it was great! Superior stock here is some thick chicken stock, mixed with three kinds of eggs, chicken egg, salted egg, and pitan or preserved egg. High cholesterol, but damn good.

The second dish was this Stir Fried Fish with Ginger and Spring Onion. I love it. The ginger and spring onion add a lot of fragrance to the dish, and the fish is tender and not fishy at all.

The last dish, and the ultimate best, Salted Egg Yolk Crab. So far, it was the best Salted Egg Yolk Crab I have ever tasted. The crab was fried before stir fried with the salted egg. This made the crab has some savory fried taste and the crab shell become less harder, thus it's easier to eat.
And I love love love this place because they gave us a huge female crab that had lotssss of egg. OMG, guilty pleasure. And the salted egg yolk sauce... YUMMY, irresistable. It literally made me speechless.
We officially made this eating place our favorite and recommended place to eat!