Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love you

When I broke up with my long-time boyfriend a year ago, I thought I would never love again. I thought I would never find a better guy, because at that time I thought he's the perfect guy.

But God's plan is always so beyond our human thought. Who could have guessed that I would find another guy who might not be as perfect as my ex, but somehow imperfectly perfect for me.
So now here we are, together for six months, and still going strong.

He is a robotic engineer, but far from being boring, 'scientific', over-logical, (no offense, but engineering, science, robotic, and those sorta things are not really my 'thing') he's very funny, and fun to be with. He's a family man, who enjoys spending time with family, including mine, and who really wants to build a family (with a dog!!! finally).

He stands beside me always, comforts me when I'm down, bears with me during my temper rage, encourages me during my complain sessions, makes me happy all the time, shows me off to his friends and family (nothing worse than a boyfriend who makes you feel invisible in front of friends and family)

The ultimate: He cooks! very well! fullstop. (I think that explains my drastic weight gain, shoot)

This picture was taken when he entertained my mom and sis during their visit here few days ago. He's 6 years older than me, which makes me feel protected and pampered somehow. Of course, he annoyes me also sometimes, but well I think I annoy him more.

He doesn't like to take picture. So there he was, hiding. Oh, one more thing, he is a good singer, seriously. He's also quite confident about it. I did encourage him to join Singapore Idol audition, hah, maybe next year.
Things don't always go smoothly between us. We have our ups and downs. But among them all, we know that we can make it through. We don't know how we can, but we know we can. And it's sufficient for me.
And after a long absence, I decided that it's time to say this world-greatest expression again.
I love you ~

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