Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It might not look good...

But I swear to you, it tasted damn good. The initial look was not like that actually, but I could not hold myself from having a taste when it was first served and thus, I forgot to take picture. This one is after I mixed it all up and had a first bite. It is called "Chai Por Minced Meat Rice with Runny Egg" from Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe. Chai Por is preserved radish, and here it is cooked with the minced pork (fatty part, which make it tastier), tausi or preserved black beans, and chili. Then served on top of a bowl of rice, and of course the runny egg. It tastes delicious and reminds me of home-cooking. Oh, I also love the place. It has cute drawings on the wall, makes you feel like you're in a comic book. And the aunty that served us is super duper friendly, I gave full 10 for the service.
So overall, it was great. I will surely go back for more :)


  1. My mouth's watering already... When I visit Singapore in the next 2 weeks. You should take me here... Give me a treat? Ha3 :D

  2. u're visiting Singapore?? oh let me guess, Inna's wedding?? I'm attending the wedding also.. will c u there :)) and of course, i will give u a treat :)