Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's Working Outfit

I work in a research environment, in which people don't really care about fashion. (It might sound unfair to make this generalization, but wait until you see my office with your own eyes)And most of the staffs are guys. These guys are geniuses in information and communication technology thingy. So, their minds are occupied with finding out how to make our world a better place by making communication easier. Yeah, what they do here is seriously pretty cool. You can see a lot of high-tech stuff and robots here and there.

As for me, I don't like abandoning my fashion mind. I will end up having a bad day, really, no kidding. So, although my office is not a high-fashion place, I still 'need' to be in fashion. Of course, I prefer to keep it simple. My collegues mostly wear jeans and polo shirts, so I don't want to look too-much. And recently I'm loving androgynous style, which helps a lot in this androgynous environment.

So here's what I'm wearing today:

Light blue shirt

Comfy pair of jeans

My lovely new oxfords (I love them!)

Black tote

Black bracelet

A pair of tiny rose earrings


  1. I know how you feels! I used to work at HSBC, and people are all wearing those boring white shirts and formal trousers.

    I didn't have to wear uniform so I decided to break the rules. I wore working suits no more. White and red peep toes instead of black, became my daily wears. I even wore fashionable vests and jackets! So much fun!

  2. Yes, being fashionable is doing your own style, anything you feel good in..You go peep toes and cool vest or jacket sound great :)