Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't skip breakfast!

That's what my mom always says. I should agree with that. Breakfast is my favorite meal, especially weekend's breakfast, when I can relax and enjoy my meal while scanning through newspaper.

My breakfast menu can be various. I love my mom's chicken porridge and fried rice. Or sometimes my dad will buy "mixed rice" nearby after his jogging session. Or in Singapore I usually eat Singaporeans breakfast which can be 'kaya toast and half-boiled egg' or a portion of mee or kway tiao, or a smaller portion of nasi lemak.

Btw, recently I found a very nice breakfast place, it's called Jones, the grocer. This place is a mixture of a cafe and a deli. So besides serving breakfast and brunch, this place also sells a range of food, from meat, cheese, pasta, home-made sauces, breads, biscuits, tea, coffee, fresh fruit juice, and many others.

Here's what I always have.

New Zealand egg, scrambled (you can have it poached or fried too), and two slices of fresh baked bread with butter on top, sauteed mushrooms, pork sausages, fried bacon, and roasted tomatoes. Yummy. I never count how many calories in those things, got me stressed.

Another favorite of mine are these lovely golden pancakes with mangoes, honey syrup, and vanilla ice cream on top. They're really really nice, and wonderfully mixed.

Oh another favorite, Jones' latte. simply irresistible.


  1. That's one hearty meal you got there.Ü One's sure to get all the energy needed to get through a day with a nice, big breakfast. Did you get to finish your plate? Coz I won't be able to finish mine if I had that. Hahaa! ♥ this post Olive.

  2. Thanks dear :) Ya, it's one big tasty breakkie..

    Pls keep it as a secret : I do finish that whole plate of NZ eggs.

    PS: and a bite or two of the pancakes ;)