Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can she ever go wrong?

Everytime I see Kate Lanphear, I die. This Style Director of US Elle always manages to direct her own style in a majorly mind-blowing kinda way.. I seriously plan to steal anything she has inside her closet, really..

She's in black, and bringing a little of white

Isn't it the coolest and the fiercest set of accesories in the whole world?

Have you ever thought of wearing your shirt that way? me, no.. But do I like it? Oh, I love it..

She's in dark grey..looking as fabulous as ever..

I wonder how many white tees, black skinies, black booties, and blazers she has?

She's in leather

and studdeds

and voila!

more black and white, except this time she wears mini skirt, and shorts..and oh so wow black booties..

The rain doesn't put a stop on her..Still looking fab with a black dress..and look at her tiny sling bag..
No personal favorite cos all these are my favorites..But this last look really got me stunned..I love everything about it..The grey blazer, the white tees, the black pants, the studded belt, the accesories, shoes..

This post got me in a very good mood to shop :)


  1. If you love her, you'll love Carine Rotfeild too. She's my fave! A very strong woman with personality and fashion statement! Try googling her... :)

  2. Ya..I saw her a lot on some fashion blogs, but donno who she is, i'll google,hehe..

    Btw, nice meeting u in the party gal.. You look very pretty..and oh, nice dress too!

    So did u have fun on your short trip in Singapore?