Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Outspeeding Raikkonen

Okay, not really.

But we literally preceded Raikkonen in racing through the coming Singapore F1 track. So, it was kinda cool.

The spotlights were already set up, and we could see the spectators seats. And I did feel like racing through the F1 track, although we were going not more than 60km/hour.
Actually, I'm not a big fan of F1, although Raikkonen is cute ;) but this awaited event really caught my attention. I can really feel the F1-is-coming atmosphere here in Singapore. I wish I can be there, but I think the ticket will be a bit pricey for the good view.
I also heard that there will be performances by Backstreet Boys (I'm not a fan of them anymore, but it still feels good to watch them live), Chaka Khan, Travis, Rivermaya, some great local voices, and many more. Hmm, I think there will be quite a show here. Interested, anyone?


  1. I'm an F1 fan & was so thrilled reading the title of this post. I was about to watch Singapore night race, but nobody wants to accompany meeee!!! Thought I could ask you :p But then you mentioned that you were not an F1 fan :p

  2. Hi.Ü My friend here in PI's selling 2 tickets for Php27,000. I don't know where he got them but he said it's a good price for two tix. Dunno how much that costs in SG$. Bloghopping.Ü

  3. To watch it live must be amazing either u the fans of F1 or not...ask Olive Feb..maybe she wants accompany u..i'm not a F1 fan but i'll support Raikonnen and Ferrari, forza =)

  4. @Fe: I just knew that u're a fan of F1,cool :) Actually I don't mind going there but the price tags really scares me..and with the cheaper one I don't think we can see anything but the crowd..

    @russ: Hi, thanks for the info dear :) That will make it 400SGD for one ticket, which should be a good price for a fan. but since I'm not a big fan, it's still a bit pricey for me >< sorry :( But Fe might be interested??

    @Jak: Jak, u might want to come? since there are 2 tickets available:)