Thursday, September 24, 2009

1+1+1 = perfection

I have been blessed by God with two little sisters. Yes, my mom and dad have three girls in the family, which cause equally the same fun and trouble.
As the oldest sister, most of the time I act like a typical oldest, controlling and selfish. Luckily, my two little sisters are the sweetest sisters you will ever know, they can bear with me being annoying.
Sometimes in the middle of the night, while my sis already sleep comfortably inside their blanket, I will wake them up to accompany me to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water (yes, I'm that chicken, I'm scared of dark and night) So, they will grumble a bit but still go with me.
While I'm away from home like now, they will try to keep in touch as much as they can. And everytime I go back home they always give me a big hug, and the sweetest smiles they can give. It's always been a heartwarming moment everytime I get to go back and see them.
We shared a bedroom until I was around 22, and that didn't bother us at all. We always spend the night chatting and joking and laughing together.
My two sisters are very different one to another.
My second sis is very easy-going. She's more extrovert, cheerful, and lively. She enjoys fashion and shopping more than anything else. As a matter of fact, I always go to her everytime I cannot decide what to wear. She enjoys things I enjoy. So we do get along really well like bestfriends. Oh, she's also very funny, we always share the same jokes and laugh until we cannot stop.
My baby sis is my mom's forever babygirl. She's also a forever babysis for me. She's more introvert, very sensitive, kind-hearted, and generous. She never wants to make trouble with people, and always try so hard not to hurt people's feeling. She's also a very sweet girl. She always keeps every gift she got since she was very young. She keeps all very neatly as if they're treasures. Once when I had my 17 birthday, she made a DIY chained mini photo frames that was filled with my photos since I was a baby until then. That was the sweetest gift I've ever received,really. I always feel sorry for her because I often refused to play with her when we were young, so now I really sincerely wants to be a good sister for her.
I have seen a lot of family in which siblings cannot get along well and stuff. I also heard people complaining about their siblings. And this makes me more and more grateful that I have such a wonderful family. Of course we fight and quarrel, but never will we try to hurt each other nor will we speak negatively about each other to other people. We always try to appreciate and cherish each other. And I do love them a lot.
Well, I post this because suddenly I miss them so much. I cannot wait until December when I will go back home to see them :)


  1. So you're also an ATE (a-teh). That's what elder sisters are called here in the Philippines. I'm also the eldest child.Ü But I got no sisters. I have a little big brother -- he's a foot taller than me.

    I've always wanted to have sisters.Ö

  2. a-teh--> sounds like one Indonesian dialect, which also means big sis..hmmm..

    U know what, I always want to have a brother also,haha, but one only..I heard that having a brother is a bit 'harder' than having a sis..

  3. this is such a cute post :) i only have a younger brother who is turning 6 soon, but i would love love love to have a little sister!

  4. @ chantelle : thanks dear.. turning 6!! 6 must be very cute (and naughty?) I once had two 6 and 7 year old (boy)students when I was working as a private tutor, and I swear sometimes I felt like vomitting blood..but still I would love to have a little brother of my own also :)

  5. I think I should write my "1+1+1+1=perfection", four girls in the house! Ha3 :D But very similar stories with yours... What a fun coincidence...

    Sisters are indeed a blessing! I used to desperately want an older brother, but now I think sisters are more fun!

  6. 4 girls!! sounds like one fun crowd..haha..