Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Recovering

Last week had been quite a tough week. I was down with flu, at first. And then, when I thought I was recovering, I had stressful days at work. As a result, I got hives soon afterwards. Hives is a kind of rash which is caused by allergy or stress. It's common and not infectious, but very annoying.

The doctor said, in my case, it might be caused by the low immune system since I just recovered from flu. Luckily, the hives went away after four days. So it was not serious. And I'm actually quite grateful that I was able to rest for the whole four days.

I want to thank all of you guys who have been very supportive, especially by dropping me some lovely encouraging comments on my last post. They mean so much for me, really :)

On the other note, I've been struggling with food and health nowadays. Although I wouldn't say that I'm overweight or fat, but I certainly have gained a lot of weight these past few months. I haven't paid attention to what I'm eating lately. I eat a lot of fast food. I drink sodas. I don't do much exercise. And well, it frustrates me. I've decided to do more exercise now and control what I'm eating.

I never really cook, but I tried cooking my own dinner these past few days. And it turned out quite nice. Although the looks are not really convincing, but they tasted good.

Stir-fried Chinese cabbage and egg

Stir fried lean pork and leeks in oyster sauce

Our dinner a few days ago. A warm bowl of rice always makes me happy. I'm a rice person.
A warm bowl of chicken and egg porridge. I'm a porridge person too.

I cooked some soya sauce fish with ginger and garlic. It goes really well with the porridge.
I'm kinda proud of myself and my cooking, although it looks very amateur. But, it's a good start.

Okay, it might not be that healthy, but well I deserve a treat, right?

Starbucks' blueberry muffin and latte for breakfast.

I'm thinking to post my daily meal here, so that I can keep track of them. And you guys can remind me if I'd been eating too much junks. Good idea?
Anyways, it's Friday guys. Have a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things that keep me alive

I've been feeling extremely exhausted lately. It's not physical matter. I'm exhausted mentally. Things are going well, as a matter of fact. It's not that my life is messed up. But, they're just so, ermm, normal. My days have become routines.

I wake up at 7.15 in the morning and only have time to take shower and get dressed. Han and I then spend the next one long hour on the train to office. It's never a good thing to start a day, one-hour-ride-on-a-stuffed-train. We barely talk nowadays while we're on the train. Perhaps, nothing to talk about, or perhaps we're just too lazy to talk when the listeners are 5 other strangers standing too close around you.

Reaching office at around 9, I go to make myself a cup of coffee, then have my breakfast. After that, I basically just do stuff to get over the next 9 hours. I guess that's what happened when you work on something that don't "excite" you.

At 6 o'clock, I leave office. Another one-hour-train-ride to go before I have my dinner. After dinner, I go back home, take shower, basically do nothing significant (i.e. watch TV) for around 3 hours, then sleep.

I'd never been a cry-baby, nor a complaining brat. But lately, I think I'm turning into both. I'm so exhausted of this routine that sometimes all I want to do is just to cry and complain. I feel that my life has missed out a lot of things. Things that I used to enjoy, for free. Where have all those things gone to? Does working life really take away almost all the fun?

I miss sitting lazily by the window at 5 p.m. looking at the pinkish late afternoon sky.

I miss travelling to new places, exploring cultures, foods, nature. Or maybe, I just miss getting away from routine and just doing something spontaenous.

I miss walking barefooted along the beach, or just lying there under the afternoon sun and reading my favourite book.

Or maybe just lying on my warm bed, with the sun shining through the window, feeling nothing but peace and happiness, safe and sound.

I miss waking up late and just laze inside my big fat blanket. Not really sleeping, just closing my eyes, hearing to my own peaceful breathing.

I miss, I really do, hanging around with my two little sisters. We can do nothing, just sit and joke around. I miss feeling the kind of love that I could never find from anybody else. And lacking of that, just sucks the happiness out of me.

I miss sneaking around just for one sweet kiss. The kiss that simply sends those butterflies inside the stomach. The kiss that sweeps me off my feet.

I miss sitting on one of those old school swing, just to feel the air and time pass before me. I miss the feeling of flying and not touching the ground. Feeling that for a while I'm actually far from the real world.

Maybe, I just miss home. Maybe. Or maybe I just need some holiday. Maybe.

I'm sorry for my random rambling, guys. I just feel that I need to let this one out. Pray for me and please send me some loves, okay dearies..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Memory of Colours and So Much More

Some things never get old, just like this beautiful floral editorial, which was published on Feb 2005 Vogue UK.

It's 5 years old, but 'till today I can't seem to get my eyes off of it's mix of sweet girly colours.

And I do miss those days when I was in love with cardigans. I practically live my days wearing tubes or tank tops with cardigans. And mind you, my cardigans were not just normal cardigans. They were magical, at least for the 18-year-old me.

They were babyblue with daisy-formed silver sequins, knitted pink with wooden buttons, warmest grey with orange dots, wool lilac with flowers embroidery, soft beige with lace, and some other beautiful pieces. Oh, how I wish I could have them back now.

This editorial really brings back the memory. I was once a girly girl. Well, I think today I still have that part of me hidden deep within. I'm still smiling looking at those beautiful flower headpieces (aren't they the sweetest things ever?), the beige cardigan with gold buttons, the beaded grey cardigan. How lovely.

Lily Donaldson for Vogue UK, Feb 2005

I know that nude and black are the "IT" colour lately. But seriously, a little touch of bright colours never fail to brighten up the day, don't you think?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chic at Every Price

This gorgeous editorial could be a compilation of my favourite day-to-day looks. Just like the catchy title, Chic at every price, I'm not a particularly branded kind of person, I like browsing through cheap indie boutiques, or sometimes some clearance sale section. You will never know what kind of treasures you can find there.

Anything with clean-cut blazers, fun and chic skirts, perfect-fit shirts, a little bit of stripes or floral here and there, loose jeans or pants, cute flats or stylish wedges, voluminous free-style hair. I totally can live with those only. Simply chic!

How do you describe your daily look?

Tony Garrn, styled by Aleksandra Woroniecka and lensed by Terry Tsiolis for April's Harper's Bazaar US. Via fashiongonerogue.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You're the one I know I'll never let go


when your heart and your mind are saying the same thing

Oh My Dree

It's a girl crush..