Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chic at Every Price

This gorgeous editorial could be a compilation of my favourite day-to-day looks. Just like the catchy title, Chic at every price, I'm not a particularly branded kind of person, I like browsing through cheap indie boutiques, or sometimes some clearance sale section. You will never know what kind of treasures you can find there.

Anything with clean-cut blazers, fun and chic skirts, perfect-fit shirts, a little bit of stripes or floral here and there, loose jeans or pants, cute flats or stylish wedges, voluminous free-style hair. I totally can live with those only. Simply chic!

How do you describe your daily look?

Tony Garrn, styled by Aleksandra Woroniecka and lensed by Terry Tsiolis for April's Harper's Bazaar US. Via fashiongonerogue.


  1. My daily look? Button-down oxford dress shirt, with the top button undone behind my tie. I don't like ties...or buttoning that top button! =)

  2. i adore all these simple, clean cut looks :) they are chic indeed! and toni looks beautiful as per usual!

  3. It's nice of you to share these.
    Now that I'm back working, geez .... the wardrobe must always be updated. LOL.

  4. You're back with a gorgeous post, Live! This is just why I love this place! Beautiful editorial!

    I, too, am not a branded person. Not that I'm against famous brand, I love them too when they're good. I just hate it when people dress because of the brand and not the fashion itself. Style is never expensive for me :) There's nothing more satisfying than finding a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion at the nook of an indie boutique.

  5. prettty, i love this post so much,
    thankyou for posting this..
    yeah style is not about the price...

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