Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a lazy ass

How's ur Monday guys?
I'm feeling super lazy today, don't know why..
I really need a spirit boost..

These are some random things that happened to me so far:

1.. I woke up at 7.30 in the morning light-headed, took shower, prepared breakfast, but apparently didn't have time to eat, so I packed it up, planning to eat it in the office.

2.. I didn't have mood to dress up, so i just simply put on a comfy polo shirt, and comfy pair of blue jeans, and a pair of made-for-running flats.

3.. Not in the mood to doll up as well, just put on some sunblock, eye liner, and lip balm.

4.. I walked to the bus stop which is 5-10 mins walk from home, while the sun was scorching hot. so damn hot and humid. And I was sweating. I hate sweating early in the morning, just not right to start a day.

5.. When I reached the bus stop, the bus just left, so I need to wait for the next one. @#$*%

6.. When I reached office, I checked my email, and I found that there's an email from my senior asking me to finish one task before lunchtime..

7.. I ate my meant-for-breakfast sandwich for lunch, and one huge cup of coffee!! God bless the person who discover coffee!!

8.. I got no inspiration at all of what to post today, thus, this complaining list post..

9.. It's 4.30 pm, which means one and a half hour to off-work. Quite a relieved.

10.. I hope tomorrow will be a better day..God please...
Still, hope you all have a fun Monday guys :)


  1. Liv, yesterday is not pleasant for me at all...I have a similar situation (or mood) with u and it continued this morning...Then i decided to leave it and face this day with smile...still feel gloomy but i'm trying hard =) Have a nice day Liv!!

  2. My day is better today Jak..You have a nice day also ya!!

  3. I was on the phone and on the net the whole day of Monday, trying to find a place or an org near my place where I can help out. And then before I went to bed, I fixed my clothes that I could donate.

    Good to know that today's been better for you. Jeans are always the safest things to wear on days that you absolutely have no idea what to wear or if you don't feel like dressing up. I also do the sunblock + eyeliner + lip balm combo when am not in the mood to get all spiffed up.

    Hope you're smilin' big time now :D

  4. haha..russ, we do have exactly the same "not-in-the-mood" combo look..

    U have a wonderfully kind heart russ..So how's the condition there now? better? will be keep on praying for you all there..

    And yeah, am in a great mood today..hope you are too..Have a good day :)