Monday, November 30, 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Hi all :) How's your weekend? Hope you all had a blast.

I did :)

We had long weekends here in Singapore. So me, Han, and his family went for a trip.

We went to Kuala Lumpur. This was my second time to KL, but last time was a day trip so I didn't really get to enjoy a lot of thing.

Han's sisters used to stay in KL, so they're quite familiar with it. They said that in KL what we could do are just shopping and eating. Well, for me those are just enough ;)

Here are some shots I took around the hotel we stayed in.

KL somehow reminds me of Indonesia, not many tall buildings like what we have in Singapore.
Sungei Wang was one of the mall we went to. There are many small shops there, selling anything. Clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, anything. And they're cheap. I got some good stuffs here, will post it tomorrow.

KL is also famous of its delicacy. We didn't get to try a lot of famous food there. But what we had was good enough for me. Here's one lunch we had in a small restaurant called Soo Kee (as I remembered).

This one is called paper wrapped chicken. Han loves it. It's marinated chicked wrapped in a kinda paper and then grilled. The paper wrap actually worked really well 'cause it sealed all the juices and sauces inside the chicken. Thus, the chicked was really tender and full of flavour.

This one is beef kway tiaw. The beef was really tender! Yumm..

This one is the best and the specialty dish there, Prawn crispy noodle. The prawns are huge. They are so tender and juicy. And the sauce was creamy. I love the crispy noodle.

The next day we went to this huge mall called Pavillion. It's kinda new. And they have anything. Any brand you want, they have 'em. Okay, maybe not ALL, but really a looottt. I was drolling while passing by Marc Jacobs, Prada, Gucci, Giuseppe Zanotti, Chloe, Burberry, ohh and the list went on. Ooh, they have a huge Forever 21, the biggest I've ever seen.

Some reindeers and sleigh in front of pavilion. They were pretty at night when the lights are on.

Uh Hu Hu! tiny cheese cake. Yes, the bakery's name is Uh Hu Hu! They sell cheese cake in a cup. A few scoop size. Makes you keep wanting more. These are caramelised, and tangy lemon. Love them!!

Having some cakes and latte after a long shopping.

They were all dolled up for Christmas already. Love 'em :)
On the way home, we visited Malacca, another city in Malaysia, famous for it's old town area. They have some old buildings and construction, built during Portuguese and Dutch colonization. Will post it tomorrow, need to finish some work now :( I'm still in holiday mood today, thus the laziness..

Have a fun Monday all :)


  1. Oh wooooowww!!!!!
    That is amazing!
    It kinda makes me want to go to KL now. I mean they have a mall(plus a huge f21? Who can beat that) AND great foood.
    Those are great pictures. (:

  2. KL is sooo clean. Right? Or you were just a clean places? LOL. I think I'll enjoy eating the Cheese Cake and the Beef Kway Tiaw. Nice post, Olive :)

  3. can't wait to read ur post about malacca :)