Monday, November 16, 2009

Prata and Ambush

You might be thinking what kind of stupid title it is. It sounds stupid even for me. But let me tell you what it is about.

It's about food, food, and FOOD.


The first one is prata. You all might have known what prata is. Prata is a traditional Indian crepe, accompanied with curry sauce. Prata is everywhere in Singapore. And last Friday, since we're still quite full, me and boyfriend (his name is Han, so from now on I'll say Han instead of my boyfriend, just because it's shorter. And yes, I'm lazy even to type a few more letters.) decided to just grab some snack for dinner.
We ended up at this Indian open-air eating house, which looks quite convincing from the number of people eating there. So let's cut to the chase, here's what we have :)

Recommended by one of Singapore's newspaper.

Apparently they don't only sell pratas. They sell loads variety of food. This is only a part of their menu. So yeah, I suddenly felt hungry, and had a hard time choosing my order..

The drinks are also fabulous. This is Han's Teh Tarik, literally means pulled tea. It's a mixture of tea and milk (I think it's condensed milk). What special is the way they mix it. They have two cups in each hand, pour the tea from one cup to another from like 1.5 metres height. It results as this foamy (it doesn't look foamy anymore because Han drank it before I took picture, poor boy was so thirsty) smooth and creamy flavoured milk tea :)

Mine is called Kopi Cino. It's actually a local kind of latte, frothed milk and coffee. But the milk they use is the special ingredients. They use a mixture of condensed milk and evaporated milk, then froth it. This is one of my top favourite coffee! I love it especially when I don't really need a shot of caffeine. The light coffee taste, and creamy milk really make the best soothing feeling ever :) Even for those who don't drink coffee, I still suggest you to try this one. You'll love it.

This little devil is called Maggie mee goreng. It's basically noodle, fried with special (spicy, which cause the red colour) sauce, egg, fried sliced beancurd and veggie. It's damn good. They serve it with some pickles and sweet and sour sauce on the side.

This one is called Chicken Murtabak. It's a kind of crepe, filled with some curry chicken, and then fried. They give two kind of curry sauce, chicken and fish. I prefer fish, 'cause it has more taste, a bit sour. Nice!

One of our weekend dinner :) We found this nice new resto in Jurong Point. Yes, the name is Ambush. They sell quite a lot of food, but their specialty is Bratwurst, Germany sausages.
Here's what we have:

My order is Trio Meat (chicken, salmon, and bratwurst) Paella. Paella, as you can see, is a Spanish rice dish. The rice is cooked in a broth mixed with tomatoes, chicken, peppers, mushrooms, and some other ingredients which I can't tell. They taste really nice and homey. It is like a bowl of Mom's chicken soup, which is really soothing, and you'll never get bored of it. Love it!!

Han chose this Sausage Platter, which were amazing!! It's a platter of Chicken and cheese sausage, mutton sausage, and pork sausage, served with salad in balsamic vinaigrette, and stir fried potatoes and onion. I didn't get to try the salad, but the potatoes are really yummy. The sausages are really good. My favourite is the chicken cheese. It's so juicy that when you cut it the juices will burst out wildly to the next table, really.

You can see the clean plates, which shows how good the food is. Must-try!!

Have a happy monday all!!

PS: I found the best oxford shoes yesterday. It is exactly like how I always wanted them to be. I'll post the photos tomorrow :)


  1. Oooh! That's a whole of of food!
    I really enjoy all your food posts. They all make me want to go to Singapore. Hahaa! Roti is one of my favorites :)

  2. Thank God i open this blog after i eat (and full) lol The saussage platter really tease me..but like i just wrote, im full!! Yey!!! Im survive from ur "Foodie" label post =D

  3. @Russ: Thanks dear! Do come to Singapore!! I'll take you around for sure :)
    @Jak : Next time I shall post this early morning or right before dinner time,hahaha..

  4. the pictures are make me starve :D

  5. hey the food you ordered in the roti prata house are definitely not a snack, c'mon!!

  6. @eve: busted..okay, fine it's a heavy snack..

  7. Oh, wow, I'm so, so hungry now, haha!

  8. No way Live! please dont do that lol