Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Married

taken from here


And, NO I'm not married..unfortunately..

But don't you feel like getting married looking at these gorgeous photos?? Aren't those dresses just to-die-for?? Yes, I'm using retoric questions, to emphasize how I adore those pieces. I can imagine me in dress number 4 (maybe minus the humongous headpiece), or dress number 5 (this time WITH the fab headpiece), or number 6...

Okay, I should stop daydreaming *slap myself*

Btw, today I am extremely busy. My project deadline is getting nearer and nearer. It's getting scarier than the said 2012's armageddon a.k.a the end of this world (I'm not really agreeing this prophecy, but I'm not disagreeing also, that's all I can say).

Anyways, I am so busy I even forgot to have lunch. Don't ask me then how I got time to post or even write this post. It's because I love writing and blogging so much, of course, including reading all your posts :)

So yeah, I'm feeling like a saint, more and more. I survived half of the day eating two slices of bread only. I really amazed myself. And I don't even feel hungry. This is supposed to lose me, err, like 2kgs, right?

Okay, I must go back to work. And if you ask, "So what's the point of this post?" Err, nothing. This is just my random rambling, need to let out the steam. Sorry for that. OH, and of course, to share the beautiful photos :)

Thanks for reading, and have a great evening (or day, if you're on the other side of the globe) you all!!


  1. hehe you're so cute, :) i tend to ramble on frequently a little! those dresses are too die for, aah! take care, X O X O

  2. The fifth dress is lovely.Ü It would be nice to wear a wedding dress and not get married. LOL.