Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gorgeous Alien

taken from inkylips

I swear, if I saw this girl strolling down the street live, I would seriously believed that she came from another planet. And yeah, the dog too. I mean, I love dogs, but this type of dog freaks me out. He (or she) looks like he (or she, again) just had face work done.

Anyways, back to the girl..What's up with those mile long legs man? I've seen those legs strolling down the catwalk, but the street? never. I really cannot imagine seeing her in real life. She looks almost surreal.

Okay, aside of that, I love her looks. All are amazing, but my personal favourite will be look number one.

Cuffed slightly-destroyed shorts (she looks fab even with unbuttoned shorts..I envy her, If I can look that good with unbuttoned shorts, I wouldn't have to throw away my old too-small shorts) work almost anytime and with any tops nowadays.

And, the oversized wool jacket is just what the overall look is all about. The color, the length, and the fur are just perfect.

Don't forget the chain necklaces!

Btw, do you agree with me that a take-away cup of Starbucks is actually one great accessories?? I mean, if you see two persons of the same coolness walking on the street, one is holding a cup of Starbucks latte, and one is not, tell me, which one looks cooler??

I think so too :)

I think I'll grab myself a Starbucks caramel macchiato later ;)

How's your Thursday guys? tomorrow's weekend already, yayy..


  1. I love starbucks hahah ^^
    the pictures are..... DIFFERENT.. YET STUNNING

  2. I totally agree with the starbucks thing, I do it myself and still carry it around when I have finished XD x

  3. @Jasmine : you are not alone girl, I did that too..walking around with empty cup of starbucks,haha..