Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunshine, Beach, Seafood

Okay, I know that the title and the picture are irrelevant. But for me, it is :)

I am going to Bali for holiday next month!!!


Sunshine, beaches, seafood, here I come!!!

I'll be going with my boyfriend (his first visit to Bali) and my family (our 8th visit, since Bali is like 1.5 hours by plane from our hometown, cool huh? haha)

Although it's my 8th visit, I never get sick of Bali. I love the beaches, the food, the atmosphere, the people, everything.

So, what's the picture's story?

This cute fedora, I purchased last week. When I first saw it, I could see me wearing it, guess where? On the beach! With some beach dresses, or simple tee and shorts, or even swimwear and cover-ups. I was in love even with the idea. Then I tried it on, and it felt just right, comfortable as if it was custom-made for my head. I also love the design, the knitted look, the thin leathery braided belt, and the bronze ring. So, of course, I bought it :)

Now, it is sitting quietly inside my wardrobe, waiting for December. I can't wait myself!

What's you holiday plan guys??



  1. 8th visit??wow you definitely have good memoriesss....
    very-very simple and classy, love it!!

  2. i like yours, good fedora...the detail looks from good fabric...

    i love fedora too.. but its too bad can't wear them in my town. btw , where did u get that? far east eh?

    so, enjoy the bali yaaa

  3. @Eve: Haha, ya 8th time, including once when i was a baby..

    @Dian: It's lovely, isn't it? I got it from Bysi, a boutique widely spread in SG...This one I got from the ION outlet :)
    I will surely enjoy Bali!

  4. How nice :)
    I can imagine you wearing the Fedora with nice, huge glasses and a tall glass of a cool drink in one hand. Cool!

  5. @Russ: Thx dear, you make me sound so cool and sophisticated..Haha,although I really am not sure I could work that pose gracefully..hehe..

  6. Adorable fedora! It's very cute, and have fun in Bali, my dear! I'm a little jealous....

  7. cute hat, i wnat to go to bali!!!

  8. Lucky! I've never been to Bali. That fedora is so cute!

  9. Woohoo. Hope you have funn!!
    Love the fedora. I've never seen one like it before-especially with the knit.

    My holiday- visiting family in the Philippines. :)