Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Found The Love of My Life

...and it's not my boyfriend, so don't worry I'm not going to talk about my boyfriend this time.

Yes, I have found myself a true love, to whom I will abide forever, seriously. Let me introduce you to this sweet baby...

Mango Mousse Crumble...
It's freakin' yummy!!!

This is the Genius who create the said work of art, Da Paolo from Gastronomia (I wish I can make the font blinking gloriously 'cause that's what I see everytime I step my foot on this place).

My boyfriend took me to this small deli months ago (yes, he introduced, so I still love him and I would not leave him for this new found love). It is located near my house (VERY near! how did I live here for months, not knowing such joy exist within 1km??!!?? I'm so pissed, my life before mango mousse crumble was completely wasted man)

Anyways, I really adore this place. They sell variaties of food. Their shelves are stocked with superior assortment of wine, olive oil, pasta, and coffee beans (!!) directly imported from Italy. They also have variety of ready made starters, salads, main dishes and DESSERTS, in addition to a wide selection of heat-and-serve soups, pasta sauces, freshly-made pasta, breads (baked daily), takeaway pizza and CAKES. Sounds really appetiting, right??
Okay, back to the main topic. Here's what I got yesterday, after months of craving.

This one might not look appetiting, but I assure you, once you get to smell a little of its creamy crumble and fragrant mango, you will just.......hmmm.....

As a matter of fact I'm eating it right now (Please don't hate me, but I really cannot stand).

The mousse is just heavenly. Sweet, very "mango" (I don't know what adjective to describe it with, sorry), and literally "melt-in-your-mouth". All those combined with the chunky crumbles, which add a wee bit of texture. The crumbs are unbelievably creamy and buttery.
It's just simply Heaven in a box. I literally lick up all the left small bit of mousse and crumbs in the box (I know it's gross, but I really did that, it's THAT good)

One more picture, just because it's too delicious and I love it so much ;)
A little confession of a sinner:
It was not my dinner. I ate bakchor mee (noodle in special spicy sauce with minched meat, stir-fried mushrooms, fishball, fishcakes, and sliced abalone, nice!!) for dinner, and around 9 pm I gobbled up this mango moussey. Please forgive me.


  1. I soooo wanna try that. It already looks good and divine from the photos that you posted. I bet it tastes just as good. Mango Desserts are ♥ :)

  2. I also LOVE mango desserts!! When you plan to come to Singapore for holiday, tell me, I'll take you to have this mango mousse :)

  3. LIvvvv...i want to eat the image!!! that's looks freakin deliciouss!! Hhhh...di Indo ada ngga ya?

  4. ceeeeeeeee bawa pulanggg ceeee nanti kalo pulang surabyaaaaaa

  5. @Jak : It is, isn't it? Indo mgkn ada mango mousse crumble ya Jak, cm klo yg Gastronomia mgkn blm ada..mau Jak?

    @tinn : okay okay, noted,hehe..remind me again ya, suruh eve ingetin ntar skitar tgl20an..

  6. *drolling
    how come km baru tau skrg???? grrrrrrrrrrr