Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black and White

It is, all over again, another start of a week. Somehow I felt, like the picture colors, black and white. No other color whatsoever. Just plain black and white. Everything goes smoothly at work. I completed some of my task. But I don't feel happy about it, nor sad. I just feel okay, normal.
It's my favorite weather out there. Cloudy, a little drizzle. I got the chance to see out of the window in the afternoon, a gentle and misty rain. I felt that I could just sit there and look at it the whole day, but no, I needed to go back to my cubicle. Proceed to my next task. Once again, I felt so...plain.
It's 6.09 pm now. Time to go back home. And yet again, I'm not feeling the excitement. I'm feeling plain.
....I think I need to cheer up. The whole week is still awaiting. And there's no way I'm continuing my week in this kinda mood.
I just found this lovely, encouraging writing from thelady-bird

"Not all days are special, but we must try our hardest to make each day worth
remembering, to notice the world around us. A fleeting smile, a laugh with the
glory of a church bell, the footsteps in the mud. Perhaps life's defining
moments do not always come to one's side with grandeur and glory, like a knight
riding to battle, but rather as an old friend, quietly and softly creeping to
your side to stay with you forever. Moments will come, with their charm and
their mystery, their pain and their joy. But we must welcome each moment and
never, never let them pass us by."

Sweet, isn't it?
Okay, dearests, I'm going home, I think I'll still get to enjoy my favorite weather and take a short walk for a while..Maybe grab myself a nice dinner later..and hoping tomorrow will be much better than today :)


  1. Thankyou so much, my dear, I feel quite amazed!
    I hope you enjoy the lovely weather and tommorow is a better day!
    Miss Erinna

  2. agree
    tomorrow will always be a better day!
    if im feeling plain and do not have any spirit in certain days, i will directly think about our coming-up-soon christmas holiday then my days will be brighten soon
    hope that will also help!

  3. What you shared was beautiful.Ü
    It's a good reminder that we should do everyday.

  4. great quote... good to keep in mind. thanks for sharing =)