Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best Birthday Gift Ever

29th October 2009, 00:00:00

My boyfriend passed me this box. He said that it was a birthday gift from my family, which my sister asked him to keep when she was here two months ago.

Now, it is in my hand. The best birthday gift ever.

Here's what's inside

This photo was taken on my sis' graduation ceremony. I was not able to be there to share the joy, and that saddened me. But, looking at this photo was so heartwarming that it brought me to tears. I, the one at the most right, was not supposed to be in the picture, but my two little sisters cut one picture of me, and pasted it on the picture.
I looked a bit oversized, but for me it was still perfectly done.

A hand-made birthday card by my sister. Yup that's me (pardon the silly pose) in some orchid garden in my hometown. Each of them wrote special message for me on each page.
(See their handsign!)

Dad = W
Mom = E
Sis1 = ♥
Sis2 = YOU (the handsign pointed supposedly to me)

SWEET, right!?!?! I have a real cute family!!!

My mom's being a poet at heart sent me this love letter along with the card.
What do you think?? Don't you agree I have the sweetest mom in the world??? :)

Another thing inside the box, a CD

What's inside was heartwarming, funny, full-of-love, cute, sweet, (I don't know what other adjectives can describe it) video of my family singing "Happy Birthday" for me, along with some funny poses, hahaha..
My sisters secretly saved some unsuccesful takes which were hillarious..I cannot post the video here, for my own safety. My mom will KILL me if she knew I posted her singing video here. Maybe one day I will "accidentally" posted it here :)

All in all..
I am 25!! and I am happy!!


  1. aw this is lovely, :) thanks for the lovely comment, happy birthday :D !

  2. Can i just say your beautiful!
    Thank you for the comment!
    The present you received for your birthday is beautiful and so thoughtful. They are the best type of gifts.
    I hope you had awesome day!
    PS i will be following your blog!

  3. Indeed, that's the BEST birthday present ever. I'm in tears reading this entry Olive. You have a very sweet and loving family, and boyfriend too!Ü

  4. @Chantelle : Thanks sweetie :)

    @Lola : Thanks Lola!! indeed it is the best type of gift :)

    @Russ : Aww, u're always so sweet Russ..Indeed I have a very sweet and loving family, BF, and friends, like u ;)am happy it touches u as it touches me..

  5. Oh my Godd!!! i missed ur birthday Livvv....sorryyy!!!

    Happy 25th birthday, Olive!!! i wish all the best thing happen in ur life (Amen!)

    i will follow u to be 25th 46 days later (lol)

  6. And, Live...u have the coolest family in the world!! what a present :D

  7. @Jak: How dare u missing my birthday?? :(

    Haha, kidding..it's okay Jak..thanks a lot for the wishes ya..Amen for that..God bless u, buddy..n 46days from now, ur turn,haha

    Indeed the coolest family jak, thx :)

  8. > Olive - Yes Live..sorry =( hehehehee...cant wait for 45 days more