Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Give Me This

And I will live..

I love the idea of having huge windows, laying down on a sea of couch pillows, browsing through a stack of magazine, feeling the warmth of morning sunshine, or looking at the falling rain, sipping a warm cup of coffee..

Isn't it beautiful...
Oh my, I really do need a little bit of these to make my day...

Ps: I'm saddened by the current news of Daul Kim passed away. She was such an amazing model, and I really admire her as a great model, and as a quirky yet adorable person. You'll be missed, Daul. Hugs and love for her family..


  1. Live...i will write thousand of posts if i were there...the better scenery will make it perfect!

  2. I'm so sad about Daul Kim's passing, too.
    Rest In Peace, beautiful.

  3. That picture looks so beautiful and cozy.

    As for Daul Kim, that really is depressing...she had so much left to do in this world.

  4. That would be a super perfect room to relax, reflect, and have your ME time :)

  5. liv, the room is cool :) will be better if i could see natural beauty from it