Thursday, November 19, 2009

My New Oxford Lover

I've been searching for the perfect Oxford shoes since like months ago. But all those shoe shops that I often visit (sometimes too often that I can tell their whole collection, and where to find them) ended up disappoint me. They either have high-heeled oxford, or patent oxford. None of them are my dream ones. What I want is a simple flat "leather" lace-up pointy oxford, with wing tip accent. Well, it doesn't sound simple anymore, but among thousands shoe shops in Singapore, can't I just find one pair? I don't even mind about the colour. Let it be brown, black, pink, blue, or green, I will take it. Okay maybe not green.

Anyways, I got so frustrated (Yeah, I got frustrated over shoes, that's how I love shoes) after a few month of searching with no result. I did found a few pairs I'm quite interested about, but it's from online shops. And I prefer trying up and feeling my shoes before buying them. So, I skipped online shops.

And last week, me and Han went to Dhoby Gaut. We stopped by at Plasa Singapura to have our lunch at Carl's Junior. I had Cheese Chilli Fries, Cheese Curry Chicken Cubes (this one bought from small snack stall next to it), and Guacamole Bacon burger. When Han almost puked of being too full, I was still enjoying my food happily. Yes, we ate the same portion.

Anyways, after lunch, we went around the mall, and I suddenly found this shoe shop. Automatically, I went into it. I walked around and out of sudden I halted. I saw these pair of Brown Oxford standing gloriously on the rack. They were pointy, leathery, flat, lace-up, and wing tip-y, exactly how I wanted them to be. I almost jumped onto them, really. I asked the shop assistant to get my size, tried them on (perfect!), and bought them. And now their mine!! Hahahaha! Hah!

Here they are:

Love the wing tip!

Btw, that's Anpan-man. A famous character from Japan. Han bought it for me when he was in Japan for business trip. He said it looks like him (the head part).

First time wearing it. I wore them with my cuffed jeans, and loose button-up shirt.
I love them!!
Btw, can you believe it's Thursday again?? Time really goes fast..


  1. They look pretty!Ü
    When buying shoes, it's always best to fit it so online shops aren't really a good idea. They normally don't allow customers to return items right?Ö

  2. what my dad always says, the most impartant thing about buying shoes is whether they fit you well or not.. And ya, most online shops don't allow us to return or exchange..

  3. i really love the winged tip too! great shoes olivia =)

  4. Woohoo!!! CONGRATSS!!!!

    And the shoes are absolutely gorgeous. And absolutely worth it. :)

    Haha, i laughed when I read that you had a tougher stomach than your friend. XD

  5. Thanks Phyllis, Eve, and Margaret :)

    Yes Margaret, I freaked myself out also. FYI, he's a guy who's twice heavier than me..

  6. I love that shoes, perfect oxford shoes!! been looking for that for along time, haven't found yet.. did they have black and white colors??

    by the way i love carls jr too, great portion!!

  7. @Dian : Thanks :) Unfortunately they don't have black n white, they only have these brown and black ones :( I saw some black n white color pairs on online shop though, you might want to check..