Monday, November 2, 2009

Words Can't Tell

There are things that words can't describe.

Happiness is one :)

Happy 25th Birthday to Moi !!

Giving myself a birthday gift, I took one day leave that day. My boyfriend too :) I do appreciate it since he's those type who happily work 12 hours a day (!?!)

Start the day with McDonald's breakfast : muffin, sausage, scrambled egg, hashbrown (which are eaten brutally and immediately, thus no photos), and Latte (nice!)

Being a workaholic himself, he can't stand starting a day without something serious, thus he bought a newspaper. See how serious he was? I tried to distract him by talking about a bust enhancement ad shown on the photo "From Shapeless to Voluptuous?" I even said, "What if I had it?" (JOKING, of course) He still ignored me #$&^%* I deserved all the attention at least that day. It was MY day right.

Anyways, he sensed that I got annoyed about 5 minutes later, put down his newspaper and talked to me. He was so sweet to me the rest of the day :)

That day's weather was nice also. A bit cloudy and breezy. Lovely day to have a birthday :)

Now see what he got for me :)

Tiffany&Co. !!

and NO, it's not a ring, nor a proposal. (It's not that I wish it was guys, just to tell you in case you're wondering, REALLY)

It's a...

...a cute little key pendant, and also the white gold chain.

Just so you know, I always have a thing with keys, which is weird I know, but it's true. I love accessories with keys. Last time I had a lovely key necklace, which I loved, but then I lost it. It broke my heart. But now I got a new one! Slightly smaller, but I still love it more :)

I'm trying to show my necklace, the result sucks, and blurry, but still can see the key :)
Cute, right??

Thus, a happy girlfriend and a proud boyfriend

OH, and the great birthday dinner!
He took me to Fullerton Hotel for a lavish buffet. The food was amazing. They have a long stretch of variety, Chinese, Local (Singapore), Italian, Japanese. They have fresh oysters, and prawns, which were so good, I forgot to take photos :(
These are the only photos which I managed (read: remembered) to take. Desserts!!

one cup of alcoholic Jelly (Vodka or something) with a tiny piece of gold (!) on it
a shot of guilty pleasure

Chesse cake with a bit of lemon sourness and the best and crustiest crackers at the bottom!
Heaven, enough said

Tiny piece of passion fruit cake
Passion Fruit-y

Brownies and Pecan
Very Chocolate!!!

A cup of creamy mousse and a layer of milky chocolate, and a tiny piece of silver (!)

Tiny piece of Berry pie
The pie filling is surprisingly sweet and creamy, but the raspberry on top gives more than enough berry sourness, purrfect

The desserts accompanied with a cup of coffee (great coffee!!! no sourness, no after taste) concludes our dinner, and overall, my birthday.

It's my first birthday in Singapore (which is also my Being-in-Singapore 1st annyversarry, yayy ) and it was celebrated perfectly. I get the most amazing and (for me) the best birthday gift EVER from my family, which will be posted later.

Thanks to everyone, thanks for the wishes, the gifts, the cakes, and most of all the happiness you all have given to me on my special day. Luv ya!


  1. oh very cute key pendants! ( pretending im surprise as if its the first time i look at it, haha)
    u shuld keep the gold from ur dessert, u can buy clothes from it, hahahaha

  2. haha..can't believe u and BS were having some secret discussion behind my back!

    Cute aight???

    haha, ya, but I heard that piece of gold is good for health, so better ate it

  3. For a sec, I thought that was ring!Ü Looks like you had a blast on your day, you deserve it sweetie. The pendant is lovely. Belated Happy Birthday Olive ... stay happy and pretty!

  4. Haha, most people will think that it's a ring..Thank u so much russ :)God bless u