Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boyfriend's Request

Okay, my boyfriend "forced" me to post something about him being such a good pitiful boyfriend, which actually he is. Since I've been treating him quite bad, I agreed to post something to compensate.

To tell you the truth, I've been very lucky to get out of my previous relationships and get "stuck" with my currently botak-meaning bald, chubby, yet so cute boyfriend. (the latter is my honest opinion about him, not him forcing me to say, serious)

When people say God will give you what your heart desires, believe me people, He does! When I was younger, and not yet dating, I always dreamed of having a boyfriend who's at least 4 years older than me, very supportive and pampering. And you might think I got a kinky taste, but I always like a guy who's big (i mean, bodyshape-wise!) Not overly big like overweight, but "fit" big. And I always find bald guy attractive. When I say bald, I mean completely, like Vin Diesel, not like Dr. Green-or-whatever-his-name-is from ER. All skin. This sounds a bit funny even to me..

My mom laughed at him and my taste almost everyday when I first went out with him, but now she loves him more than me and always stands on his side whenever I tease him or laugh at him. She has never done that before. My two sisters also love him. Except perhaps my Dad, who loves me more than anything.
Anyways, so here I am now with my 30 y.o. big botak guy. Happy :)

Plus, he's the sweetest guy I have ever found. Inside, he is super loving, super caring, super patient, super low-tempered (really!), but outside he's still a respected cool guy.

OH oh, he has such a sweet unique family. Everyone are just so welcoming and so lovely, in their own ways.

Err, what else to say..

OH, he said that I always torture him by throwing tantrum, being in bad mood, shouting at him, bla bla bla. But he always laughed it all off (he said he knew me too well to be stupid enough to get carried away by all my emotional rage), and that in the end makes me feel damn guilty. He will just say, "Girl, there's only one thing I want to ask of you, only ONE, please change your temper." (He once said "Girl, your temper is as short as this" -showing his two chubby finger tips almost pressed against one another, leaving a space that only one ant can fit in) but then he laughs and gives me a big hug. I feel loved, for real. Something that, now I realized, I never felt before.

So well, despite all those things, I think we will be just fine. Me and him.

This is one picture of him that I can get without him knowing. He hates taking picture.

Yesterday's menu:
Breakfast : one small bakpao (a chinese bun filled with meat)
Lunch : mee sua (wheat noodle) with clear soup
Dinner : yam cake (Dimsum style) and a banana

I still feel like a saint..


  1. you're a saint i guess..
    my menu today:
    -. breakfast :terang bulan (cannot find the english term for it. emm moonlight?)

    -. lunch : bukris ceeeeee...bakwan penyet,telur penyet, es cao susu while your sister had bakwan penyet, tempe penyet and es cao susu.

    for dinner? i am trying to find the lightest calories pack due to 'kekenyangan'

  2. im curious about what u have for dinner??

    terang bulan disini malah bee cheng kueh, or something like that..enake breakfast terang bulan!! i miss those days..

    And BU KRIS!! how dare u, huhuhu..pengennn..

  3. But thanks to u, I feel more like a saint now..hehe..

  4. hmmmmm im definitely a sinner then
    breakfast: nasi campur (mixed-rice)
    lunch: as stated by christine (but my rice portion way lesser than her, haha)
    dinner: Rawon and tahu tek

  5. I think what you did was sweet.Ü Hey, is bakpao like siopao and cuapao. We those paos here in the Philippines.

    Have you seen 500 Days of Summer? I liked the movie. It is not your typical story. Go watch it.Ü

  6. Russ, don't know what is siopao and cuapao, hehe..but well, he have a lot of paos also, some with pork, chicken, some with sweet fillings..

    I haven't watched the movie, maybe tomorrow, cos I'll be taking leave,hehe..

  7. @eve & cc olive: ohhh...i was forced to have bigger portion than her! adikmu ini licikkan kog ce..tadi ak juga diiming2 myoungga.
    tinggal 2 bln to ce dsitu.semangat! dietmu skg buat mkn terangbulan ceee! hueheuheueh mbe bu kris.hhahahah

  8. you're so sweet, :) you deserve happiness!