Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holding On a Hope

Yesterday was quite a down point of me. I might have been thinking too much, but well there I said it, the thing that has been bothering me all this while, and I do feel much better after spitting it out. It's like 50% of the burden is taken away from me.

Some lovely friends have given me supports just by dropping short or longer comments, either way are of the same value. You know who you are, and I am so much grateful for your heaven-sent beings ^^

I've spent my last evening staying alone in my room, trying to get some peace of mind. That's what I need when I got emotional, just sit alone, spend few minutes on praying. I asked God to forgive me for being so weak, to give me a little more strength for me to hang on, and to lead my way although I cannot see the destination.

After a couple hours, I somehow felt much more relieved. I managed to find peace and strength in my heart. And then I just see things in different way. When things are not going smooth, when the wind is hard, and the sea is rough, I cannot back down and cry! That's a loser character, and hell I ain't no loser. There I see that actually the way to fight those negative feelings is simply by, fighting it! Just stand still, and fight, knowing that I'm gonna get through it..

photo by ilovecoolthings

So what if I'm on the verge? So what if I don't know where I'm heading to? All I know is that when I'm walking with Him, I know I'm safe, and I know I'm walking towards something good, something beautiful. And like what people always say, when it's not alright, it's not the end yet.

photo by ilovecoolthings

Yeah, all I need is hope. Hope that sees that everything will be alright. And believing on it although I'm walking on a thin line. It's not easy I know, but at least I'm on it now, yes I'm on it.

I'm holding on to Hope. It's going to be a rough journey, but I learn to see the excitement and the good things that awaits me ^^

Hope you're all doing great today, dearests..


  1. Hey Live...just pass to ur blog today after gone for days...what happen with u?

    I like ur response. U run to God when u donno what to do with ur bad feeling...and God never leave us, even in our darkest hours..I felt it last week and i'm so thankful about that =)

    So, rouse ur body and see the sunshine...stand and walk into the hope...like pray never fails, hope is never fails also =)


  2. hey thanks Jak!!
    Yeah, having a bad day yesterday, it happens sometimes when I miss home, or when things doesn't go the way I want..Bad bad me, I know..

    Thanks God, He reminded me of this things, through all of u also..

    So ya, i'll follow ur advice Jak..thx yaa..JBU..