Friday, October 16, 2009

I'll be 25 in two weeks

Don't congratulate me yet :)

Abbey Lee Kershaw photographed by Marcin Tyszka

It's not that I don't like getting older, but after reaching certain age, I think the birthday buzz is losing a bit of its attraction. I am still excited about the celebration, wishes from the loved ones, the gifts (!!), the feeling of being important for the day. But it is no longer as exciting as ten years ago. When adding 1 year to ur tens, made you more of a "woman", made you eligible to go on a date, made you able to drive dad's car, etc. The excitement was great, although it's actually only one day difference, as in one day you're 16, and the next day you're 17. I still can remember how excited I was turning 17.

Well, turning 25 makes me feel..grown-up. I feel like more responsibilities are added to me. I'm 25 and should be able to take care of myself, think sensible, make my own money, find myself a husband (this is what my grandma always reminds me, SERIOUSLY, during this year, "The clock will not stop ticking for you, you know that, right dear?").

Emma Booth shot by Nicole Bentley for Australian Harper's Bazaar 08.
Yeah, for me being 25 is some sort of a milestone, hey it's a quarter of a century... Anyways, it also makes me feel "pushed" into a different level of generation. I'm not a girl anymore, but calling myself a woman sounds quite weird, since I'm such a girly girl inside. I feel like a little girl walking on mommy's stilettos. Want to be "the woman" but not sure that I'm ready for it. But ready or not, it is the fact that I must walk on, and I think it won't be as hard as I thought.
Btw, my 25th birthday will also be my living-in-Singapore 1st anniversary! Great isn't it? I've been spending one year living on my own, making a living for myself, struggling on my own. This has been such an amazing journey. I learned so much from this one year. And you know what, come to think about it, actually this year has actually made me a woman. Might not be a true woman, but at least I'm on the way to be one :)

Photographed by Mark Seliger for Vogue Italia September 2009


  1. True. True. True. Birthdays don't get as exciting as they used to be when we were all little kids because when your age add +1 every year, it follows that people expect you to be like this or like that and I agree with you ─ whether we like it or not, we will have responsibilities.

    I'm sure you still look forward to that special day especially for you.Ü I won't greet ya yet. LOL. Happy Friday, Olive.

  2. Happy Bir....ooopss Ha3...If u will be 25 in 2 weeks, i will be 25 in 2 months =)

    Will noted ur birthday, Liv =)

  3. It's inexplicable... But by far, this is the most appealingly amazing post on your blog. (My personal view si)...

    I just get the feeling from the writing! and can really relate to it.

    Birthdays are now exciting in an anxious way, rather than exciting in a happy way. Ha3...

    Geez, we're getting old...

  4. im quite glad that i'm still 22
    but i think im getting to understand how you feel about it

  5. happy birthday! :)
    love your blog ! mind to exchange link anyway?