Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh Happy Day..

Not just because it's weekend.

1. I woke up at 9, feeling extremely refreshed. The smell of fresh morning air, and the sound of bird chirping (really!) got me stunned for a few minutes. I decided to enjoy that moment for a while. Having a simple sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast, while looking out the window, enjoying some scenery (my house is on 8th floor, so looking out the window is quite an enjoyment ^^), that's a real good start of a day, isn't it?

2. I just got news that my mom is coming to Singapore next week to visit me, yeyy. I miss her already. She said she would bring lots of my favorite food. woohooo. I really miss Indonesian food also T.T

3. It's cloudy with a little bit of rain the whole day. And guess what, that is exactly how my favourite weather is ^^ I sat next to my window almost the whole day, just enjoying the breeze and the smell of rain, while reading and having a cup of coffee. Heaven.

4. And of course, my boyfriend is coming back from Japan tonight! This alone has already made my day :)

taken from lelove

How's ur weekend lovely friends?
Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well :)



  1. How strange! I had this comment and it didn't post.Ö I said that.... I can just imagine how excited you must be that your boyfriend will be back.Ü Do you two have a welcome home routine when one comes back from a trip?

    My weekend's been good and calm so far, despite the super typhoon news. It's still in my country but it didn't hit my city. I'm going out tomorrow, will party on a Sunday. It's the last day of the bar exams, boyfriend's last exam day.

  2. lalalalalalallaalalalalalala
    senangnya ya dirimu ya cieeee

  3. @ Russ: good to hear that u're doing great..And party,woohhoo, must be fun..
    Actually this is the first time one of us going for a long trip. So, we still don't have a welcome home routine,hehe..But yesterday what I did was unpacking his luggage, and unpacking some gifts from Japan,haha..Of course after giving him a big welcome hug..

    @Tinn: lalalallala..hehe..btw, spatu barumu keren Tinn..Looking at the height I shud say u're a heels pro gal

  4. huahauahua nda loh ce..kan itu berplatform..jadi dibuat jalan nda seberapa susahh...hahahaha

  5. Mine was lovely... Enjoyed lots of sleep too!