Friday, October 23, 2009

Peaceful Weekend

taken from trendnista

I always find myself awaiting weekend even at the beginning of the week. And when Friday comes, I always feel high-spirited, no matter how busy and tiring that day is. Welcoming weekend somehow gives me extra portion of energy.

However today is a bit different. I woke up this morning knowing that today is a Thursday. Not much excited about today, I went to work sporting a normal working look. I met my boyfriend on my way to office, and he said "It's Friday, gal!! What do you want to do later?" I, convinced that today is Thursday, said, "What are you talking about? It's still Thursday." without much interest on the topic. He looked puzzled, then looked at his cell phone to check. "Gal, it's FRIDAY", he said, giving me are-you-drunk-look. I, not so conviced anymore, checked on my cell phone, and of course it's Friday.

Suddenly, I felt so relaxed and happy. It almost felt like your boss suddenly told you that you got a day off tomorrow.

I always love little surprises, and I think this is one. It made me feel grateful for the weekend. I might not be as excited as usual, when I will plan and list the things I will do. Today, I just feel grateful. I just want to relax and enjoy a peaceful weekend, without all the excitement. Just a peaceful out-of-routine moment.

Have yourself a weekend moment guys :)


  1. these pictures are very inspirational!
    lovely post :)

    love annie <3

  2. amazing pics ! thanks for sharing ! oh and i love weekends too . who doesn't ? haha . holiday is fun ! x) have a nice weekend !

  3. LOL. I had moments like those before. Have a great weekend Olive. And oops, I just want to remind you, tomorrow's Saturday.Ü Just kidding.

  4. I was completely convinced today was Thursday too! goes to show its been a longg week. These pictures are very beautiful :)

  5. I think, even if you're in high school or working, everyone will look forward for the weekend. Haha imagine, thinking that it was Thursday instead of Friday! That's funny. :)

    This is my first time in your blog by the way, and I enjoy reading your posts already. Love the pictures you've posted up.

    Oh I know exactly what you mean about being tired after school. School is generally very tiring. Good luck with your exams! Mine are coming soon in 3 weeks! Kinda stressed out because it's my major, major exam before leaving high school.


  6. yes, yay for fridays! and i totally adore that last picture...