Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Project ON

taken from trendnista

Project : A Body Like That!! (Diet program)
Starting date : 22-10-2009 (today)
Duration : only God knows

Background :
1. My mom kept on saying, "you look errr..fat."
2. I can't fit in my favorite denim shorts and pants anymore.
3. My tighs and arms look like those oversized sausages, really.
4. My friends said, "Err, you look chubby. Have you gained weight?"
5. I want to be able to wear my body-hugging tees, dresses, and skirts without having to hold my breath the whole day. It's damn tiring.
6. Personally, honestly, I'm kinda scared, I never seriously feel that I'm fat, 'till now. I have never been worried about my weight and all, but now Iam. I really do think that I gained too much weight, and I do think I should do something about it, before it goes on.

Goal :
1. losing 8-10 lbs
2. being able to wear all my pants and shorts again, and practically all my old clothes (damn!)
3. looking myself at the mirror with a smile

Programs :
1. Stop adding full-cream milk in my coffee (Stop drinking coffee -> my mom's warning)
2. Do not skip breakfast
3. Eat less portion of lunch
4. Eat fuits or anything light for dinner
5. Exercise (jog, or swim) every evening after work (I can't believe I say this, I'm gonna kill myself)
6. Cut KFC!! (why unhealthy things always taste so damn good?? why?? un-answer-able question)
7. Stop drolling over those tempting cute little desserts!! (damn -do I swear too much?)
8. Commit to this project!
9. SERIOUSLY DO the above list!!!
10. Damn (sorry can't help it)

Pray for me and wish me luck guys. I do need that.

PS: any diet tips guys? will really appreciate it :)


  1. Gorgeous picture!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  2. wow,
    that body is to die for!!

    love annie <3

  3. I need these herve leger bikinis in my life!!!

  4. ce........foto ce..biar bisa kuputuskan km gendut atau nggak...
    jangan2 kaya gendut tp ngmg gendut

  5. those body?? forget it, hahahahahhaha