Monday, October 26, 2009

Time to Get Serious

All this time I always think that I cannot live without shopping.
I mean, Hello?? I live in Singapore, where (according to my selfish opinion) shopping is one great temptation I cannot ignore or else I'd get mentally depressed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not those go-for-branded types. That's the only reason I'm not financially broke until today. I shop what my wallet allows me to. But of course this does not make me a "prosperous" person either. I enjoy my life to the point that I don't really plan for my money as long as I have enough to live with for the month.
Geez, I am that bad. I guess that's why I never study finance, management, or whatever thingy.

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Like what my boyfriend always says, "Even daddy's little girl has to grow matured one day". He makes it sound so general, but I know exactly he points specifically to me. Well, he got a point there for sure, although most of the time I will try to find reason to show that I'm still very young, and has to enjoy life before I get too old. I know I'm wrong, but I'm such a stubborn girl with over the top self pride, so I never want to admit that I am guilty as charged.

Well, this coming Thursday I will be officially 25 years old. And being at this stage makes me think that I'm not that young after all, and I should stop giving the I-am-still-so-young reason to run away from any responsibility that I should have had over my own life.

My boyfriend keeps on telling me to save my money and plan for the future. But somehow I ended up NOT doing it.

I'm kinda sick of it. And last Saturday we actually seriously talk about the whole future thing. We have been planning to buy a flat, but never seriously get our hands in it, until a few days ago. So, to cut the story short, at the end of the day, we come up with a decision that we are going to get our own place early next year. That's our goal, and we commit ourselves in it. Obviously I need more work in this commitment thing, but I'm so eager to reach this goal, and I'm very excited. I promised him that I'd cut off shopping and good resto eat-out. Surprisingly I'm serious and pretty happy about it.

Okay, sorry if I bore you with the serious details. Hmm..I think it's a turning-25-paranoia syndrome, or whatever it is that makes you get paranoid about growing old..Okay I should stop blaming on other thing except myself..

Anyways, last weekend my diet project failed to the max, but it didn't count because I spent the whole weekend in Malaysia, at my boyfriend's parent's. His mom cooked a lot of food, and made sure we all had more than enough to eat three times a day. So there... I couldn't refuse that right? It's very impolite to do that. But, yesterday I did quite good.

Yesterday menu :
1. breakfast = small portion of bee hoon (rice vermicelli) and fried egg.
2. lunch = small portion of rice, with spicy shrimp, beancurd, and some stir-fry veggie.
3. dinner = small portion of porridge with egg, and spicy beancurd.
See...all small portions..I feel like a saint..

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  1. happy birthday for thursday! i can't live without shopping either, :)