Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Friday

Geez, it's weekend again. Time does fly, doesn't it?

By the way,

I took leave yesterday, to do the promised shopping spree with Han.

But I think I left my brain at home yesterday, since I couldn't seem to find, moreover, use my brain while shopping.

I was having a crazy shopping!! seriously..Poor Han, his eyes looked exhausted at the end of the day. His hands were full with shopping bags. Surprisingly he did quite a shopping also.

Singapore is having sales (again). I was rummaging Topshop, Zara, Charles and Keith, Bershka, and the list goes on. Found some amazing things :)

When I listed my shopping last night, here's what I got (freaked me out!!!) :

-- Two oversized long cardigans (in sweetest purple, and cutest dark orange)
-- An oversized denim shirt
-- An oversized stripped button-down
-- A pair of floral high-waisted flare shorts
-- One faux crocs skinned satchel (PS1 look-alike)
-- A black wool zipper skirt
-- A black and silver wool flare skirt

Good thing is, I just got my bonus. So, no, I'm not broke..And those are really good buy..

I tried really hard not to buy this amazing leather jacket in Bershka. Amazing price, and buttery leather...But the weather is just not cooperative. So I put it back brokenheartedly.

Okay, now random pictures:

Some takoyaki we had before shopping. Nice :)

Me and my new piggy plushies, in my cubicle in the office. This one is a totally random pic. It's not even taken yesterday. It's two days ago. But I just want to show you the piggy. Han bought for me :)

What I wore for shopping yesterday.
Beige shirt worn as dress : forgotten
Brown woven belt : from Beijing
Black tights: unbranded
Black beaded flats: Charles and keith
Black tote : vintage Salvatore Ferragamo

Have a great weekend guys :)


  1. your buys sound awesome! I'm jealous of all your oversized pieces, I love things like that right now :)

  2. Ohh I really want to go to Singapore to go shopping x) Must be so much fun ! And I love what you wore . Nice !

  3. thanks for u're comment...
    it soo cute piggy,do u piggy lover?? hehee....

  4. sounds like a really successful shopping trip!! cant wait to see you wear them

  5. cute piggy (:
    thanks for the comment that u dropped at my blog. i already follow back ur blog.
    link me back ??


  6. i really like your new piggy plushie and the outfit you are wearing...

  7. Haha that pink pig :)
    sooo cuuuute *.~

  8. shop a lot!! I wanna go shopping too!! but too bad I'm soo broke I just envy youu..hahaha you bring your piggy to the office?

  9. We ♥ almost the same brands :) We just don't have Bershka here, but the rest -- aww. Charles & Keith has a lot of nice bags, shoes, and accessories.

  10. awww it sucks that australia doesn't have a lot of the brands you guys have :( haha but lucky you, i've bought too much recently, i'm not allowed to go shopping 'til ages... but xmas and my birthday are around the corner so hopefully i'll get the chance to snag some more clothes! by the way i love that pig, so adorable! have a fantastic weekend, X O X O

  11. Loh? abis ketik komen kok ga masuk?

    ur glasses looks like mine, Live...

    LOL...the bonus saved u...traktirrrr!!! :D

    the takoyaki looks good !
    thanks for sharing this with us !

    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  13. Haha crazy shopping like that is the best! Your piggy plushie is so cute :)

  14. Oh my gosh! Your outfit is so simple & chic! You're stunning, by the way. Follow me, please? :)

  15. i need to go shopping. havent went clothes shopping in a year :(

  16. You did a lot of shopping Olivia... love your loots. Hope we can see them in your outfit posts soon. Big hugs! I'm following you too.

  17. heyy olive :)
    I already link you in my blog :)

    anw,,do you an indonesian or not? hehe..I put you on international list..but If you were also an Indonesian, I'll put you on Indonesia stylish people ;)..hehehe

  18. Oh gosh, I loove that woven belt, olive..hahahaha!!! And I love all yr looks on LookBook...wish I cld post my looks there also someday....hehehe..^__^

  19. That's too bad about the leather jacket. I owned one for 20 minutes once! Before I left the store I noticed the sales lady ripped the leather when she removed the security tag.

    Han was very patient! =)

  20. Love the outfit dear .. and the piggy! Sounds like you made some great purchases - wish we had a topshop here in Toronto! Jealous much.

  21. I've enjoyed your comments on other blogs and decided it was time to visit yours. I liked it so much I decided to follow right away! Thank you for following me back. =)