Thursday, December 10, 2009

When I'm feeling down...

Things are not going my way recently. Some seemingly bad things happen, and I don't have the power to prevent it, no matter how hard i try.

So, I'm sorry dears, I need to let out the steam, and today's post will not be a happy one :(

Let me tell you what happen.

Firstly, I applied for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) two months ago. Yesterday, I received a letter from the government. And yes, it's quite obvious from my current mood, I got rejected. Anyway, I was actually quite optimistic that I would get it, despite the fact that some of my friends also got rejected. Why? Well, I work in a government-linked company, doing a government-related project in which I am the only one in charge of this particular subject. The company has been working its ass off to find other staff to help me in this, but with no positive result. Practically, if I quit, the project will be stuck, and other following projects will be cancelled. But, guess what, the government doesn't want to give me the damn PR!!

As a matter of fact, I didn't really want to apply for PR, since well I was not sure about me staying in this country. It was Han who encouraged me to get it, because according to him, there are more advantages of being a PR. So, the reason I'm upset about getting rejected is not because I want this thing, but simply because they reject me, while I've been working hard completing their project. I was quite irritated.

Okay, actually I'm already quite cool about this at the moment, i.e. I'm not angry anymore. Just a little disappointed with the "treatment". But I'll get over it. I just feel like sharing this with all of you, u know, to ease the burden.

Secondly, I just heard that my grandma had to be hospitalized. She fell down when she was in the bathroom. And that causes a bit of damage on her backbone, which makes it quite painful for her to stand up or walk. I'm still waiting for news from my mom, since the doctor is still examining the X-ray to decide what to do. The problem is my grandma is very old, and has quite a serious dementia. So she keeps on forgetting that she just fell and hurt her bones. She always ended up wanting to stand up and wondering why she's in the hospital. I'm quite saddened by that and the fact that I cannot be there to accompany her and my family and to share the burden. Well, I can only pray for her now.

Oh, I really wish these 2 weeks would just fly away (I'm going back home on 24th)


  1. we have the similar expirience for the first one...

    Mmm...i will pray for ur grandma Live =)

    Ayoo...semangattt!!! It will pass well =)

  2. Oh dear, sorry to hear bout those things. We're given little probs every now & then, but that doesn't mean things aren't going to get better. Hang in there dear.

  3. @Jak : Thanks Jak, ya it will pass well for me and for you as well :) Thanks for the prayer and encouragement, Jak :) Semangat buat kamu juga!!!!

    @Russ: Yes, Russ, I believe all things happen for a good reason :) Thanks dear. THis means a lot to me! :)

  4. I know how u feel, liv.. 1 month ago my grandma fell in her room. It broke hipbone, so she had to undergo a surgery. A risky surgery due to her age and heart condition. some of my friends supported in prayers, and my grandma is a high spirited woman. she survived it, and now she's at home. still having a bed rest and trainings.

    put your hope in Jesus :)

  5. Woah, that sounds serious, but thank God she's okay now :) Yes, I can only rely on God now, to take care of my Grandma..thanks Bee :)

  6. oh that's such a bummer :( i really hope your gran is alright and gets better! :)

  7. just pray to God! he'll hear your prayers.. it may not be that fast, but he will... i know he will...

  8. @Cl: thanks :) She's on therapy now, n much better :)

    @Ailee: Thanks Ailee :) I know he will..

  9. Feel better soon dearie.
    Try to enjoy the weekend.