Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sisters a.k.a. Wedding Planner

Am I supposed to be panic if my wedding day is like 285 days away, yet I haven't prepared anything?

Please tell me that it's still so far away, and I can relax for now..

I heard a friend who needed 2 years to prepare her wedding. Two-freaking-years?!?! I wonder where she held the wedding. Arctic?

Anyways, I'm quite grateful that I'm surrounded by a family who supports me 100%. They have no high expectations, no annoying requests. Seriously, I heard A LOT of wedding-go-bad stories, when family members quarrel and all. And that got me scared sometimes. But I always feel relieved everytime my Mom calls and says, "We don't have any request. We believe that you know what's good for all of us, and we support you." I mean, isn't that just sweet?? I seriously have the best family in the world! My Dad is supposed to be a strong-headed man, who stands strongly on his principal. But this time, he got no objection, no complain, no nothing. I am really surprised by that, and at the same time touched. OMG, I need to stop or I will cry. tsk.

Oh, and my two sisters are really excited about me getting married. Well, actually their first reaction is "I need to buy a dress!! What colour? You plan any theme?"

I mean, helloooo, your sister's here getting married. Your sister. Me. Making a big step in her life.

Of course, they finally got the sarcasm and then started to talk about MY dress. Hmm, better.

And they actually pronounced themselves "My Wedding Planner". They have been helping me to find photographers, bridal studio, and wedding venue. My Dad and second sis spent one whole day to do a wedding venue searching.

All my family has been a great help for me. And well, I really don't know what to do without them :)

And isn't it great to have sisters?? At least, you have someone to scream together with over those pretty laced dress.

I want to share with you all "me and my lovely sisters" pictures, taken during our last holiday :)

This is taken in Tretes, a small town up on a hill. Lovely weather, good food. We were in my uncles's villa's Orchid garden. Beautiful. Sorry for my pathetic face, I was having an irritating cold that day.

Posing in our hotel room in Bali. Me, sisters, and Oprah.

Our clothes are wet after playing at the beach. Bad news is, we forgot to bring change. So, we bought these jumpers. They're super comfortable.

Uluwatu. The view was wonderful. But it was scorching hot. You can see it in our eyes. We couldn't even open our eyes. And no, we could not wear sunglasses, 'cause there were monkeys there, and they LOVED stealing glasses.

Love Bali!!

Some blurry picture we took at home. I liked it though.

I was wearing my grandma's shirt. My sis was wearing my dad's shirt. Only my little sis wearing her own tee. She's always the good girl.

Taken right after I reached my hometown. Can you see the three super happy smile there??

Miss them so...


  1. you guys are so adorable :) and you have such a sweet family! congratulations again ;) oh i wish i had a sister! i have a little brother though, that should do ! :)

  2. wow Bali, I envy you olive..
    I really miss Bali so much, wondering if i had sometime this year to go there and enjoy some new hot spot...
    so whats hot in Bali??

    oia,thankyou for visit mine and your sweet comments, babe..i already replied your comments

  3. I don't think you should be panicking at this time, you can still do so much. It's great that your family's with you on this 100% so I'm sure you'll have a fab and really memorable wedding. All the best Olive.Ü

  4. The wedding is still far away and you have plenty of time to arrange everything. =) It's so wonderful the way your family is being helpful.

    My wife and I had to get married quickly--doctors predicted her mom had only 6 months to live. We started planning in early January for a mid-May wedding. The few things that didn't go perfectly just gave us good stories for later.

  5. mmmm...i know how hectic and crowded schedule u're going to have. when my sister prepared her wedding, i couldn't help at all coz i was in surabaya, and she was in mojokerto, but my mom always updated me :) anyway, enjoy your wedding preparation, liv. a smile and a trusting heart will help a lot.

    btw, the jumpers u bought in bali are nice :)

  6. @ALL : Big kisses to all of you, for the support and all :)

    @CL : Thanks dear :) and yes little brother will do too, hehe..

    @Dian : Got your reply! thanks for the info, will check on that :) Hot spot in Bali..hmm..I should say Dreamland and Padang-Padang are great spots if you like beaches..Kuta has become overly crowded :( But mostly in Bali all I do is eat, eat, and eat :)

    @Russ : Thanks dear! *big kisses*

    @Ric : I'm sorry about your wife's mom..And thanks for the wise word, "The few things that didn't go perfectly just gave us good stories for later".. That is truly encouraging.. I also hope I will have lots of fun stories to tell, just like you :)

    @Tinn : Muahhhh :)

    @Bee : Thanks for the support Bee :) and yes I'm gonna need a lot of smile and trusting heart :)

  7. Live!! What a gr8 news :) hope the weds preparation will run well...

    Dont forget to involve God in this ya..anyway just realize u and ur sisters have a look alike face...

    ps: If u have married, keep blogging yah :D

  8. This is what I've been waiting.... Now that you're engaged you can start your own "Diary-of-a-mad-bride", Live! Huahahahaha. In your case it's "Diary-of-a-very-calm-bride-to-be". Hihihihi. Post about all the glossy pages of bridal magazine. Wishing to hear your wedding ideas nih... Hehehehe :p

    Btw, you've got 2 wonderful sisters. What a blessing uh? As for me it's 2+1=3 sisters. And I know what you mean by that happy smiles. We always go crazy when we're around each other :p

    Looking forward to hearing from youuuu....

  9. Haha, thanks Olive! My mother-in-law proved her doctors wrong and lived for years. She is gone now, but during those years I was the butt of a joke from my family--they said I was tricked into getting married earlier than we had planned. But I wasn't. For one thing I talked with the doctors myself. For another, I wouldn't have changed the timing. If we had waited I might have said something dumb along the way and made her change her mind...I was happy to seal the deal!!! LOL