Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Back

Hello guys!! I'm finally back to this blogging world, after 3 whole weeks!!

I know, I know.. What a lousy blogger I have been.. But, well, my holiday this time was packed and loaded, 'till I got no time to even sit and turn on my computer. Plus the internet connection in my hometown is as lousy as me as a blogger. So, here I am now, sitting in front of my computer, don't know how and where to start, since I got like tonsss of stories and photos to share with all of you guys!

But before that, I should tell you all that I had a real blast back in Indonesia!! It could have been the best holiday I have ever had!! First, of course, it's because I finally got to meet all my dear family. I even got to meet my new-born niece for the very first time. I tell you, she's the cutest baby ever!!
Our trip to Bali and Tretes (a small town up on the hill near my hometown) were lots of fun too. All I did was play, eat, relax, eat, play, eat, sleep, eat. It was simply heaven. Although now people keeps on telling me that I've gained weight, I'm still very happy :)

First things first, my dearest family :)

During our last day's dinner in Angus Steak House

Introducing Baby J, my niece :) Isn't she a cutie?? Still, the pictures don't do her justice, she's way cuter than this. Miss her already..

Will post more, a lot more, tomorrow :) gotta go do some work now :(
How are you guys?? Miss y'all!! Hope to hear from you soon :)


  1. welcome back... and BTW, baby J is so cute!!!

  2. I am so so happy that you are back! :)
    Welcome Back Olive. LOL. I just wrote on your tagboard earlier asking if you're okay. Hehe.

  3. I'm glad you had such a nice time--it really sounds like it was wonderful.

  4. happy new year... wow welcome back :)
    uhmm how delicious,angus house slurpp..

    dian prad

  5. Welcome back Olivia... we miss you girl.

    The baby is so cute and what a beautiful family you have.

  6. Finally darling... Oh, so missing you. Your holiday took forever. You've been deserting your loyal reader and it's payback time. Looking forward to your writing :)

  7. hi, liv :) welcome back in the new year. new spirit, new enthusiasm :)

  8. heyy olive!! welcome back to blogging world :)

    happy new year dear!!
    glad that you have so much fun in Indonesia!! hihi


  9. Aww!! We've missed you! :D Welcome back!
    It sounds like you had fun. & that must be the most adorable baby on the planet.


  10. oh my gosh, your niece is SO cute!

  11. Almost forgot, I have an award for you and an assignment. It's here ☮.♥.☆