Monday, January 25, 2010

A Happy Me

No, it's not about me getting married in 10 months (I still got a shock everytime I hear myself , or other people, saying this)

It's about FOOD. One of the things that can make me happy, VERY happy :)

Why do you think I was so happy going back to Indonesia?? GOOD FOOD, of course!!!
I'm just kidding, Mom!! Of course I was happy because I got to meet you.. And amazing Indonesian food :)

I don't know how many kilos I've gained. All I know is I HAVE to go on diet NOW. Han keeps saying that I need to lose weight so that I can look good in those pretty wedding dresses. I keep on acting like I don't care and telling him to look at the mirror and see who else needs to lose some weight. But well, deep inside my heart I know I really need to lose some weight.

Anyways, before all the fuss about diet, I want to share with you all some of Indonesian delicacy :)

Rib Soup. Simply delicious. Can you see the chilies there?? They explain everything.

It's called Tahu Telor. Some beancurd omelette with savoury peanut sauce and crispy prawn crackers.

My new favourite dessert. Frozen Yoghurt. I love this far more than ice cream. My favourite is Plain or Original flavour with mango topping.

During my trip back home, I also went to Bali for holiday. And it was AMAZING. And the food, Balinese food is just HEAVEN.

This is called Babi Guling or suckling pig. I think this is the most famous Balinese dish. The whole pig is stuffed with i-don't-know-what-but-it's-so-good spices, then roasted into crisp. It comes with other side dishes such as spiced vegetables, fried pork, pork sausage(loveeeeee), some fried pig's intestine and lung (ya ya I know, you can skip this, but if you ask me, yes I do eat those things), pork soup, and their special super spicy chilli.

This is grilled pork rib. Not really authentic Balinese food and the owner is a German (if I'm not mistaken) who married a Balinese lady. He opened this small outdoor homey resto called Nuri's and it's really famous there. The rib itself is magical. Perfectly grilled, tender, and the sauce is just to die for. Really. I spent more than one hour waiting for table there.

This is another balinese food, owned by Chinese Balinese couple. These meatballs are really good and soup is just refreshing.

This is pork satay with plecing sauce, normally eaten with rice and the meatball soup (above). I always come to this place everytime I'm in bali. And yes it's spicy.

This one is a famous seaside seafood restaurant, called Jimbaran. You HAVE to try this if you're in Bali.

Grilled cuttlefish. Chewy and spicy.

Grilled prawn. Tender and juicy.

Grilled fish (I can't remember what fish is this). Tender and savoury.

And these are the sauce combo you cannot miss. They have this pickled cucumber, tomatoes, and red onion which are GREAT. The other four are sweet soya sauce with chopped chillies, special ground chillies with spices, deep fried garlic, and an amazing mixture of chopped red onion, chillies, lime juice, and garlic. The food will be nothing without these deadly combo.

OMG, even writing this post makes me hungry. I really need to stop here. Gotta run to get something to eat. Hope you all have a fun Monday guys :)


  1. Waaaaaaaa........ Salivating!!!!

    1. Pandan Village, formerly Link Kafe. Garang Asem?
    2. Yummy3. But, on Ami's tahu gunting is my favorite. Unbeatable!!!!
    3. Red Mango, of course. Best fro-yo in town. My personal fave is blackberry twist. Lychee, Nata de Coco + Mochi topping.

    I'm not really into Balinese food.
    Last pics come from Jimbaran? Lovely!

  2. Ehm, ehm, and right I think you'd better go on a diet for wedding day!!! Wowwwwww, happy for you!!!

  3. @FE
    Yes, it's Pandan Village, but I totally forgot the name of the dish..And yes, last pics are from Jimbaran :)

    And thanks sweetie :) ya ya I know that I need to go on diet, a SERIOUS one!!! wish me luck babe!!

  4. Gah! If you and I were on a trip, it would definitely an eating trip. I noticed that we have the same taste in food.Ü Suckling Pig. Prawns. That Mango Dish. Etc. Etc.
    Like you, I recently just discovered this love for Frozen Yogurt. I've heard that Red Mango is the best, but I haven't tried it. Amongst all the FroYo that I've tried, so far White Hat tops my list ☮.♥.☆

  5. OMGoodness that food looks delicious! I really like spicy food, but once in a while it's nice to have the frozen yogurt already on-hand just in case I over do it! =)

    Have you gained weight since the pic with you on the arm of the couch? You looked ready for your wedding dress in that photo!

  6. PS - Honestly, you look ready in all the photos! =)

  7. wow... all food... yum... im getting hungry again!!!

  8. Live...foodie label mu ini always mbencekno lo...the tittle is tricky also...tau gitu aku ke blogmu pas aku wes

  9. Aaaa.. love Indonesian food too! your pictures make me starving again. ^^

  10. @Russ: ya!! I also found that we have a lot in common.. in food esp, haha..We don't have White Hat here :( but hopefully one day i can try it..

    @Ric: Awww Ric, you're always the sweetest guy..hehe, the one on the couch? that one I've already gained a few kilo, now trying to go back to my normal weight..

    @Ailee: me too Ailee, me too..

    @Jak: tricky, eh? I did that on purpose ;) hehe..

    @Yessi : haha, me too!

  11. Jaaaaakkkkk..... Kamu si, blogsurfing persis sebelom lunch time. Tapi lumayan to, supaya ga bingung pengen makan apa :p Hihihihi.

  12. YUM. i could really do with some of those dishes right now >.< and frozen yogurt <3

    also, congrats on your engagement :)

  13. delightful.. yummy
    bikin laper ajaa niihh..

    anyway, congratulation for you engagement olive :)

    dian prad

  14. > Feb - Nggak Feb...foodie labelnya Olive ini emang gitu...a true teaser!! Lol Look at her comment..she said,"i did that on purpose" kan?

  15. mmmmm! my gosh, *drool* that all looks amazing :D