Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Best Christmas is not a White Christmas

I know it's a little bit too late to post something about Christmas. But I can't help sharing with you about my last Christmas, which is so far the best Christmas I've ever had.

I was home for Christmas, and although we never really celebrate Christmas with a party (usually we just go to church), last year we made it rather special. Our family plus my boyfriend and my sis' boyfriend, had a special dinner at home. Then we had this little gift exchange, just for fun, with a budget of 10 dollars. So, each person bought one gift, then we drew lots to decide who gets whose. It was pretty fun.

Us posing with our gifts..

And then, we played some funny card games. Winners got to draw things on losers' face using a mixture of water and powder. Here's how we ended up, literally a "white" Christmas for us :

Happy father. He got the least powder on his face.

Oh my goodness!! You might be thinking I lose big time. NO!! I won most of the times, and that pissed everyone, so once I lost everyone started to draw things on my face. That's cheating!! I got powder all over my neck (thank's to angry boyfriend)

Happy boyfriend. He literally poured the powder on my face! #$%^&*
Anyway, all in all, we had the most amazing time. Miss them already..
Btw guys, it's weekend again. Have fun!! I need to arrange my photos in Bali first now, and then I'll share them with all of you :)


  1. haha, wow that looks like heaps of fun :)
    welcome back! X O X O

  2. how come i have the biggest face???

  3. I like hearing about Christmas in January, just not in Aug/Sept when the stores start advertizing it. You look so happy on the arm of the couch I had to smile too when I saw you!!!

  4. I just read your comment on Leah’s blog about the poem I wrote, “Ode to Leah”. Thanks for your kind words, they’re much appreciated!

    Barry from
    “Life in Quotations”

  5. Live...ur whole family are gr8!! How can all of you can be so "kompak" like that?