Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Makes Me Happy

Sweet Margaret from pandaface passed me this award a few days ago. Thanks dearie :)
Do check out her blog, you'll love her :)

To accept the award I need to post 10 things that make you happy and do at least one of them today. So, here they are :

Going back home. This is one thing that would make me super duper happy. Taking 2-hour flight back to my hometown, spending time with my lovely family, relaxing, eating home-cooked food. Seriously nothing can beat the feeling of being at home :)

Waking up on weekends. Isn't it just nice to wake up thinking that you can still sleep for another hour or two? And, isn't it nice to wake up thinking that you have the whole day to do whatever you want?

Having decent and good breakfast. I usually have no time to enjoy breakfast on weekdays. So whenever I got the time and chance to enjoy good breakfast, I always do. My favourite place in town is Jones the Grocer. They serve fantastic breakfast. My order would be their English breakfast with NZ scrambled eggs, sourdough toasts, grilled bacon, pork sausages, slow roasted tomato and sauteed mushrooms. And of course accompanied by my favourite Jones' latte. Perfect to start a day :)

Seeing the big smile on his face. Han is a guy with a whole lot of positive thinking. He smiles a lot also. And that's somehow so infectious, even to a person as grouchy as me. There's this one particular big childish smile he likes to make. And that always brightens my day.

Seeing my cute niece, baby J. There's something about babies that makes me feel happy and peaceful. Especially my niece. She has the biggest pair of pretty eyes, and the softest skin. Seeing her and playing with her make me happy :)

Enjoying holiday. I think this one makes everybody happy. I haven't been to many places though. And so far my favourite getaway would be Bali. I love the beaches, the food, and the entire atmosphere that shouts holiday. I would love to go to Japan and Korea. Hopefully this year :)

Getting married. Geez, I am getting married. Sorry if I bore you with this getting-married statement, cause I still can't believe it. But when I do, some weird awake moment, my heart almost explodes with excitement and joy :) And you know what, I bought myself one of those shiny bridal magazine last week. I can buy bridal magazines!! (I always wanted to do this since I was a girl, so sorry for the over-excitement) Okay, I better stop now.

Bags and shoes. This, need not further explanation. By the way, right now I'm obsessed with Oversized Mulberry Alexa, in Oak, or perhaps the new Summer Tweed, or those statement peony leopard print. Gosh.

Raining. Yes, when it's raining, I am happy. I would just sit by the window, looking at the rain falling (sounds chessy, I know, but I really do enjoy this), with a cup of hot coffee, and a magazine. Hmm..

Shopping. This one, I should say, is last but definitely not the least :) You girls should have known why it is on my happy list, so I don't need to explain further. I love shopping. Enough said.

So there... Ten things that make me happy. I'm supposed to tag 10 other persons. Well, I really cannot decide, since all my blog readers here are so lovely. I pass this award to all of you who happen to read this post :) It's your turn to share your happy things :) Enjoy!


  1. congrats darling! bags & shoes ♥, i LOVE rainy days and shopping of course, i'm off for birthday shopping today :)

  2. yessss i love weekend mornings! on friday nights i toss the alarm in any which direction hehe... then on sunday nights i have to dig around to find it for monday morning :(

    followin you back! :D (i forgot to the 1st time -__-)

  3. I'm the same way with breakfast, almost never during the week, but I like to enjoy a good breakfast on the weekend. Sometimes I'll fix omeletes at home, but going out is even better. I would like what you ordered (w/out the latte).

    It's impossible to get bored when someone is showing such pure joy and excitement about getting married. For me it just makes me even happier for you. So don't stop! Just keep enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime experience. =)

  4. when it rains im happy too! i find it so relaxing even though most people i know find it annoying

  5. I just wanna say what a wonderful person you are, Live. Reading your posts have been such an enjoyment to me. Really glad you joined the blog world :p