Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday's Random

Fe from Secret Dream-World by a Fashion Muse passed me this lovely award. Thanks darling! Fe is my first blogger pal, and she's been one of the sweetest friend I've ever had. And not to forget, she's SUPER talented. You can check out her blog, and you'll know what I mean.

And since all of my loyal readers here are dazzling, I pass this award to all of you who's reading this :) Oh, and boys, you too :)

And, I need some suggestion here. I want to buy moisturizer (Sorry boys, you can skip this part), but I don't know which brand should I buy. Girls, what moisturizer you all have been using? My skin is not really oily, and not dry. So, normal skin (duh!) I'm looking for those that's oil-free and better if it's anti-bacterial, since I have acne-prone skin. Would love to hear from all of you pretties :)

Oh, and I've been thinking about wedding theme. Since we're going to have a small and simple wedding, I'm thinking to have a color as the theme, with lots of flowers. So far, I've been loving FUSCHIA as a main, and perhaps a dash of other cheerful colors to lighten up. What do you think?

Aren't they lovely?


  1. Hello, I've been busy these past few days... Good thing my mom and dad are back in each others arms again after two years of separation... Want to know more, visit my current post.... (Dad's Seattle and Vancouver Trip)


  2. You definitely deserve this award!!!

    About the lotion, I use whatever we've brought home from hotels. =) My wife uses something from Mary Kay, but I don't know the specific name. I just know I'm not supposed to use it!!! LOL

  3. By moisturizer you mean for face, deary? I use Anna Sui. One friend suggested it to me, because it's light and suitable for everyday use. I hate heavy make-up. It just doesn't suit me :p Hope this helps. Someone also told me that SKII has quite a good one :)

    Fuschia!!!1 It's like the IT color these days ya... Many of my friends in Indo use this color. But it creates good mood I think. Cheerful, blissful. Great idea. Spring wedding? Good luck2 darl... Hope to reading more of this!!!! So excited!!!

  4. lov'n your blog...

  5. Fuschia is a good choice, it's a happy and warm color. I'm sure you'd want that vibe on your wedding day.
    I think it's also cool that you're not getting roses for your wedding. LOL. I am assuming there won't be roses because of the flowers that were posted here.

  6. those pictures are so nice and fresh :) I LOVE FUSCHIA! x o x o

  7. congrats for the award liv :)

    about the moisturizer, I'm soo sorry I can't give you any suggestion coz I'm not soo into make up,,hahaha

    anw,,about the dress..FUSCHIA is great color!! I really love it :)..I bet you must look great in that color ;)