Thursday, February 25, 2010

News and Changes

I'm so glad to be back from this long hiatus, which turned out to be longer than I expected. I came back last Sunday, but then I'm down with flu, and a terrible stomachache. I was forced to stay in bed for three whole days. Today, finally I'm feeling much better :)

How are you guys?? I miss you all so much. Sorry for not being able to check out your posts lately, but hopefully I can catch up with all of you today :)

Meanwhile, I have some updates about the wedding.


Well, not really found, I actually decided to have it made. The problem is, it's very hard to find a sweet and simple dress, the way I want it to be. Most dresses I saw in those boutiques and bridal studios are mostly ballgowns, with bling-blings ALL OVER it. That is such a big NO-NO for me. So, after a few trying, I finally decided to go to a fashion designer to design my own dress, and have it made from scratch. voila! I'm quite happy with the design. It's chic, simple, and sweet. Similar to one of the dresses I posted a few days ago ;)

One problem, I SERIOUSLY need to go on diet, if I want to look good in the dress.


Anyways, I had my hair permed.


I was planning to cut my hair short, but my Mom didn't allow me because I'm getting married, and I need my long hair for that. I tried to remind her that the wedding is still 9 months away and my hair will be long AGAIN by that time. But she still insisted that 9 months will not be enough. So I gave up. I finally decided to have it permed. I didn't know how I came up with that decision. I'm not loving the result, though it's not really THAT bad. Oh well.

My mom promised me that I can do whatever I want with my hair after I'm married. She said she's even okay if I'm bald. I can't understand, what's wrong with getting married with short hair?

I need to let out one more thing that got me so pissed this morning. One colleague arranged a meeting for tomorrow, Friday at 6 p.m. HELLOoo?? It's weekend! and 6 p.m. is off-work!! Seems like somebody here needs to get a life.

Okay, okay, sorry for the random rambling. I'm gonna have to leave you all for now. Geez, a lot to catch up at work. Will talk to you again tomorrow, promise :)

Have a nice day, dears!!


  1. your posts always make me smile :) congratulations doll on the dress and i'm really glad you got better!

  2. YEY!!!

    She found the DRESS!!!!!!

    Hurray hurray!! lol

    the preparation looks promising Live =)

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. That sounds like it was a nasty bug!

    I like sweet and simple...and brides with longer hair, even if they wear it up--which I vote for!!! LOL, I know you don't need my opinion on that.

    Did the guy who scheduled a meeting for after work hours try to invite you out to dinner or for a drink after the meeting? I've heard that some guys use late meetings as a set-up for a friendly get-together afterwards.

  4. wow cepet juga yaa udah nemu dress nyaa.. wondering kayak apa...

    aaa.. gak jaadi potong pendek ya?
    anyway, i agree with your mom si, don't cut your hair into short until the wedding party over, thats very wise Ol, the hairdresser would be freaking confused what to do with the short hair... So Good luck for the wedding party Olive...